‘Wave of Peace’ touched heart

Kudos to all who contributed to make “The Wave of Peace” on Labyrinth International Day such a delightful sacred experience. So many details of planning converged, like water drops flowing together to create a deep pool of sacred thoughts, songs, music, and experiences, that culminated in a meditative walk in the labyrinth at the Homer Episcopal Church.

At one o’clock local time all over the world meditators walked in local labyrinths on the first Saturday of May. I am grateful there is a local labyrinth at Homer’s Episcopal and for Deborah’s hands and each hand that lifted a rock to create it.

All my heart thanks you, Barbara, for the hours of preparation, research and worship you gave to write the litany of the labyrinth of peace. “Imagine if we all were waves of peace.”

George, I loved your resonant and beautiful chanting in Athabascan “The Lord’s Prayer.” It flooded my heart like a tidal wave with worship and gratitude.

To all who planned and contributed for the inclusion of new life and growth in the blessing of the gardens and earth with holy water, I found happiness in this. Thank you for the prayer ribbons on alders, the children’s garden, and the feed the community gardens. Thank you, Mavis, for presenting your lovely poem and decorated copies of it.

Ladies, your lovely warm and nourishing homemade soups were savored and enjoyed. What a blessing!

It was fun to be together and create a Tibetan prayer flag with all supplies at our fingertips. Thank you, Deborah, for your time and efforts to prepare this for us.

Thank you to Judy and the Homer Episcopal Church for hosting this unique and lovely event.

“Imagine if we were all waves of peace.”

In gratitude,

Fran Moore