We can show we care by voting

We Alaskans have the opportunity to show the rest of the United States how much we care about the future of Alaska and the U.S. by voting in record numbers.

Examining the campaigns as well as the issues so that we can make informed votes reveals that a bunch of outside multimillionaires (Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, the parents of Dan Sullivan, etc.) are financing Sullivan’s campaign. Their strategy seems to be that we everyday Alaskans are sheep and will follow their trail of brainwashing using untrue, distorted, negative assertions.

The record shows that Sen. Begich has consistently supported women’s rights, raising the minimum wage, protecting Social Security, health care for all, and for protecting the environment. 

 He opposes the development of the giant Pebble Mine because it could be devastating to our fisheries.

Dan Sullivan pushed a bill that would cut us out of decisions about Alaska’s natural resources.

Fellow Republican Mead Treadwell phrased it well when he said, “I’ve got a jar of mayonnaise in my refrigerator that’s been there longer than Dan Sullivan’s been in Alaska.”

In sharp contrast, Mark Begich was born and raised here and attended Alaskan schools. Both his parents were teachers. Being truly Alaskan, Sen. Begich understands our needs and will continue fighting for legislation that benefits us everyday Alaskans.  

Daisy Lee Bitter