West Homer takes on science

With a few guidelines for direction, West Homer Elementary School’s third- through sixth-graders let their scientific wondering roam. The resulting science fair gave the 16 judges plenty to consider. 

“Our science fair entailed all the students in the school, with the third graders producing posters based on an experiment performed at home,” said WHES teacher Sue Brass. “The fourth- through sixth-graders followed the scientific process of asking a question, making a hypothesis, defining a procedure to test the hypothesis and publishing results. These students presented their projects on a classic tri-fold presentation board.”

West Homer has a three-year rotation for science, art and writing fairs. 

All students received a ribbon for participating, and places were awarded for the fifth- and sixth-grade students.

The judges, including scientific professionals and retired teachers, viewed the students’ work on March 25.

“Each student received a judge’s scoring sheet at the end of the science fair highlighting strengths observed,” said Brass.

Classes and the public viewed the science fair while also attending the WHE Book Fair Friends and Family Event.

• Fifth grade first-place ribbons: Jana Carlson, Quinlan Sitenga, Colby Marion, Daisy Kettle and Jonathan Raymond;

• Fifth grade second-place ribbons: Anahi Ochoa, Ethan Pitzman, Reece Young, Johnny Rommery and Mya Betts;

• Fifth grade third-place ribbons: Eve Brau, Asa Panarelli, Stanley Parkinson, Micah Mershon, Audrey Wallace, Liam Coleman and Kitri Classen;

• Sixth grade first-place ribbons: Lee Lowe, Dakota Harris, Wynand Strydom, Dexter Lowe and Clark Bolen;

• Sixth grade second-place ribbons: Tom Gorman, Anna Maria Sitenga, Henry Russell, Willem Strydom and Ethan Benedetti.

• Sixth grade third-place ribbons: Cole Roberts, Cameron Baxter, Calla Seay, Bethany Bordner and Marissa Geissler.

McKibben Jackinsky can be reached at mckibben.jackinsky@homernews.com.