What are we doing to combat evil?

Did you know that the executive branch may conduct unwarranted search and seizure, disappear to undisclosed indefinite detention, torture or rendition American citizens anywhere in the world, including America, without due process, trial or jury on mere whim of, or unproven allegations under the guise of terrorism?
You may be a Christian, Muslim, a Mormon preparing for economic or natural disasters, activist/protester and labeled a terrorist? What if you were a journalist unwilling to reveal the source of a whistle blower’s information? Does a public not have a right to be fully informed so it can justly advocate? Without an investigative journalist’s protection from threat of being “disappeared” looming over his/her head and free to share info, an uninformed citizen’s opinion or votes may be used to further rob our freedoms. Obama’s administrative regime wrote and insisted on this section of the NDAA, pretending at the same time they were against it. Obama pretended he would refuse to sign it (then did), and when challenged as unconstitutional with the judicial branch, his administration fought it there.
Then Obama promises “I’ll never use it”, but what about future presidents? I sound like I am picking on on Obama, but Romney would have done the same. Perhaps refusing to donate to, and fund the record-sized “war chests” of either of the two corporate controlled globalist NWO candidates would help.
And why did Alaska discontinue exit polling? Again, an informed public is crucial.
This is so reminiscent of dark ages when, on the mere unproven accusation, under Catholic (or other regimes in history) a person is labeled a heretic or dissenter to the state and tortured, disappeared or burned at the stake without trial.
“Re-education camps” are well documented and exposed, and are already installed or being instigated for those unhappy with various aspects of the system. I bring this to you on the theory that all that it takes for evil to prevail, is for good people to say or do nothing or be willfully uninformed and that silence implies consent.
Rev. Richard Olson