What’s a mayor’s job?

Once upon a time there was a facility called the City of Homer. The folks who ran that facility evicted kids and teachers from the community after-school program and ignored public protests, paid themselves high salaries with a deluxe health care plan, obstructed the people’s attempts to provide safe paths, and made city utilities too expensive for working families.  

I am the little old lady tapping the government on the shoulder, saying, Excuse me, you appear to have forgotten that the purpose of government is to serve the people. You have your shiny new facility, but kids of working people have nowhere to go after school. You have expensive health care, but when the people of Homer need surgery they must resort to potluck fundraisers. You bought yourselves padded chairs and tablets but denied Homer’s elders funds to convert their heating system to natural gas.  

What’s a mayor for? Ex-mayor Jack Cushing says the mayor’s job is to make people love Homer. Mayor Beth Wythe defines her job: expand the reserve fund, keep the city out of debt, and provide basic services. 

I agree with both these definitions.  I would add: run an accessible mayor’s office, listen to everybody’s concerns, advocate popular solutions to city administration and city council, find solutions to Homer’s problems by working with business and non-profits.

Lindianne Sarno