What’s happened to Homer?


What a shame that Homer — once known as the conscience of Alaska — could not even sustain a plastic bag ban in the community because a certain group decided it  was a government conspiracy. 

Plastic bags are a menace to an aquatic environment and all you need to prove that point is a walk down any beach. They kill birds, turtles, whales, porpoise — you name it. It was a simple solution that turned into a political  travesty. 

Now I drive through town and see Joe Miller signs and can’t believe it.  

This is the same guy who chiseled the folks in Fairbanks, had his bodyguards manhandle a reporter at a public event and took subsidy money from the government he rails against. Joe is Soapy Smith reincarnated. It doesn’t  seem like a great idea to hand him the reins in Washington. 

It is time for the Tea Party and their pals to take a deep breath and contemplate their agenda’s impact on the rest
of the world. If their answer is that all will be lost in the “end times,” the rest of us need to redouble our efforts to put people in positions of power who have more than a dozen brain cells and the backbone to stand up to a gang of scoundrels.