Where were spill response vessels?

In regarding the inability to address pollution from the Jakolof Bay incident, the public needs to be aware that even after the gulf spill, this is the kind of response technology and ineffectiveness that will be used in the Arctic, Upper Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound and, from extensive research, across the globe. Where were the oil spill response vessels that parade on the water drills close to the Homer Spit and jack-up rig?
Jakolof Bay is as calm as it gets. If industry cannot clean up a small spill in a protected Oyster Farm Bay, how will they clean up something of volume with strong current, waves and ice?
New technology exists for oil spills in ocean and ice mixture that is valid and patented in the United States. This new technology was made known in person to Rep. Paul Seaton at his office in Homer two years ago. I am curious if Rep. Seaton made any inquiries to the oil industry or spill response organizations within district 35. Mr. Seaton did admit the booms currently used are ineffective.
It is a fair question to openly ask our elected representative what was done with the information given, taking into account increased offshore oil and gas development both here and in the Arctic.
Jim Cobb