Years ago in Homer

20 years ago in the Homer News:


A Minnesota man took the lead in the Jackpot Halibut Derby with a 379-pound catch. Jerry Meinders of Willmar, Minn. broke the derby record with a fish that took “all hands, three tries, a harpoon and a winch to haul the hefty fish aboard.” “My legs are still shaking,” Meinders said several hours after the catch. The derby’s jackpot sat at $8,616 at the time of the catch, though was expected to rise, and with the biggest fish in the derby’s 11-year history on his hands, Meinders stood a good chance at winning.

– From the issue of June 27, 1996

30 years ago in the Homer News:


Local biologist Al Kimker reported that there might be hope for the Kamishak Bay king crab fishery. Though Kimker found that there was not sufficient abundance of legal males to warrant a season in 1997, he said the stocks may recover in the next several years. He and other Fish and Game employees analyzed their crab survey catch and found some younger crab that are three to four years away from legal size.


– From the issue of June 26, 1986

50 years ago in the Homer News:


Mrs. Tom Hurd, president of the Kenai Peninsula Centennial Council, referred to Mr. Samuel L. Pratt as “Mr. Museum” during a June 25, 1966. The title acknowledged the full realization and culmination of years of devotion and effort towards the Homer Centennial Project, a natural history museum. Ruth Kilcher, chairman of the Homer Centennial Committee, also reported the committee “has achieved a milestone” and that Homer Museum would be the recipient of the matching fund money provided by an Act of Congress.


– From the issue of June 30, 1966