‘Yes’ not always possible

Folks, we try. We really, truly try to “please everyone all of the time.”   

But sometimes you just can’t. Our first and foremost concern here at the Animal Shelter is the safety and welfare of the animals. We try and accommodate everyone that walks in those doors looking for a cat or dog. But occasionally it is just not a stable, safe and/or loving, environment and we will in that case say “No.” 

We do not place cats as “mousers,” or in predominately outdoor situations. Cats are towards the bottom of a food chain out there — eagles, owls, wolves, coyotes, roaming dogs. The list of predators in this area is long. Also, cats prey on smaller birds out of doors; the mortality numbers for just one single house cat are staggering.  

Nor will we knowingly adopt out a cat if you have plans to “de-claw” (a procedure which both the Humane Society and the SPCA are firmly against as cruel and inhumane, with accompanying life-long pain and behavioral issues). 

We do not adopt out guard dogs, bear dogs or other such working animals.   

Again, we are looking to make the best match possible for both you and your pet — into a loving and stable home. 

We truly value and appreciate all of our wonderful friends and the forever homes they provide for these animals in our care. And, without apology, we will continue to ask those hard questions when you come in looking for a dog or cat. We are their voice, and we care.

And yes, once in a while we will say “Sorry, no.” 

Sherry Bess and Brian Smith 

Homer Animal Shelter