You, too, can make a difference

A hearty hello to our entire city,
Thursday evening was appreciation night sponsored by our Homer City Council to say “Thanks!” to the boards and commissions for serving to assist our governing body. The myriad of details, quantities of time and attention to details necessary to ensure orderly operations and strategic planning for our city cannot be accomplished by the city council alone. It is appropriate to stop and acknowledge the efforts and fruits of their labors. We thank you.
Although new to our city, I appreciated this opportunity to meet others and learn more about what it really takes to move agendas forward, reach goals and accomplish tasks necessary to better our quality of life in Homer. I chose to relocate to Homer as I see such potential for our folks, our city, our borough, our state and our great nation located on the Pacific Rim.
These are troublesome times as resources are limited, yet the challenges are accelerated to provide goods and services for our residents. I was recently appointed to the Economic Development Advisory Commission serving to act in an advisory capacity to the city manager and the city council in areas of economic development within the city.
What I discovered are potholes in our support boards and commissions hampering the ability of our city council and city manager to focus and align community perspectives properly.
The presentation groups included: Vessel Haul Out Task Force; Water and Sewer Rate Task Force; Public Safety Building Review Committee; Permanent Fund Committee; Transportation Advisory Committee; Public Arts Committee; Economic Development Advisory Commission; Advisory Planning Commission; Library Advisory Board; Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission; and Port and Harbor Advisory Commission.
These are awesome tasks to accomplish. Besides thanking our city, I ask and appeal to our residents to become involved in the process. It is simple — what do you enjoy doing and learning about? The meetings are not that often  and require at most three to five hours a month. It also is fun. You do not need to be an expert in all fields and disciplines — just willing to learn and consider and present options and choices. It’s not a game, but your same skill sets in crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Monopoly, Game of Life, chess, checkers, Battleship, and arts and crafts allow consideration of practical, creative solutions.
Go online and learn more. No computer? Use our greatest community resource  — our Homer Public Library. See the city website and fill out a simple form and submit it for consideration. I find the folks at City Hall are very  considerate.
Fall is here and routines are settling in so settle in a mindset to serve our community for just a few hours a month.
Commissioner Patrick Brown
Economic Development Advisory Commission
Proud Homer resident