Your help needed in emergency

Long ago, not far away, I grew up in a very small town. Our home was five miles from town center on the main highway. We rarely heard police, ambulance or fire sirens, but when we did — the urgency caught our breath. Someone we knew was in trouble and needed help.

The town where we live now is bigger and busier. Many of the people we don’t know. Yet when I hear an emergency siren I stop what I’m doing for a moment and realize someone’s in trouble and needs help.

Too many times this year, not just in summer, my husband and I have witnessed vehicles that won’t pull over when emergency vehicles with sirens and flashing lights need clear passage. Even to the point that the emergency responders are blaring and blaring their horns, and drivers going both directions continue driving along.

How fortunate these people must be to have never ridden in an ambulance, never watched a neighbor’s house burn to the ground in the middle of the night, never come upon a tragic or fatal accident. For if they or their loved ones had once experienced an emergency I am sure they would put their chores aside for a moment, pull over immediately, so responders have an open road. With a thought to those in need. Thanking their lucky stars this time it isn’t their need.

Deborah Poore