You’re famous, Dorian Murray

Sixth graders in Kris Owen’s class at Fireweed Academy and Deadliest Catch star Captain Johnathan Hillstrand pose with a sign telling 8-year-old Dorian Murray of Rhode Island that he is famous in Homer, Alaska. Dorian Murray has battled rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of pediatric cancer, since age 4 and learned recently that his cancer was no longer treatable. He told his parents that he wanted to be famous before he died and a social media campaign that began in January has accomplished just that. The hashtag #DStrong has received responses across the globe and a wide-range of celebrities such as the New York Rangers hockey team, the cast of Disney Channel show “Stuck in the Middle,” and former N’SYNC member Lance Bass. Hillstrand came out to support the Fireweed Academy’s contribution to Dorian as one of Homer’s home-grown celebrities. 

“Any good role model for kids is a good thing in this world,” Hillstrand said. “They’re a bunch of nice kids to do this for Dorian — you’re famous in Homer, Alaska, that’s pretty cool. I’m pretty proud of these guys,” said Hillstrand.

Pictured are, behind Fireweed sign, Dillon Welty, Seraphim Macauly and Zion Jackinsky; to left of sign, Seth Hammond, Simon Gucer and Zion Iida-Becerrill (holding sign); to right of sign Elias Allen (holding sign), Thea Person, Elena Badajos, Frida Renner and Maggie Mae Gaylord; second row, Alexis Schneider, Casper Vonn, Olivia Scott and Noah Irons; back row, Hillstrand, Mira Davoudlarian, Courtney Rider, Audrey Chandler, Kris Owens (teacher) and Sophia Sevi.