Chris McCann obituary

Christopher F. McCann

Mar. 4, 1983 – Aug. 29, 2022

Christopher Fredrick McCann arrived Mar 4, 1983, at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. Chris spent his first years in Tanana, a small village on the Yukon River. He traveled daily in a dog sled, river boat, or bush plane.

From when he was first upright and moving, he wanted to help mom and dad, pulling nails, stacking wood, rebuilding old classic airplanes, painting, and inventing all types of mobile gadgets. As soon as he could see out of the windshield, he co-piloted the family’s PA-12.

When Michelle, arrived, Chris hovered over and protected his little sister. The family moved to Homer in 1986, where Chris flourished, socially, loving his new town and many friends. He excelled at swimming, bike racing, baseball, and his favorite: skateboarding.

At sixteen, Chris and his Dad traveled to Australia and New Zealand, where he stayed on and worked as a Farmhand

For a year during high school, Chris attended St. Innocence Academy, an Eastern Orthodox school in Kodiak, where he thrived in response to the school’s offerings in the scriptures, classical literature, and music.

With his father, Chris floated stretches of the Yukon, Yellowstone, and Madison Rivers. Together, they flew an old Russian AN2. Around Yellowstone and Sphinx Mtn. As well as a Lockheed Aerimacchi from New Orleans to Alaska,. While living in Ennis, Montana, Chris enjoyed visiting, volunteering, and playing chess at the senior center; going to several of the local churches; and working as a ranch hand on the Grainger Ranch.

Throughout his adult life, Chris struggled with addiction and mental instability, much of it likely the result of a traumatic brain injury. During these years, he often returned to the tranquility of St. Innocent community on Kodiak, and to the peace he found there.

All his family and many, many friends will Greatly miss Chris’s good cheer and willing hand and know he has found lasting peace.