Craig “Higgy” Higman

Craig “Higgy” Higman

March 30, 1945-June 19, 2016

Craftsman, rogue, fisherman, pyromaniac, story-teller, father and frandfather. Craig “Higgy” Higman, 71, died June 19, 2016, in Homer, by the side of his son, Bretwood “Hig” Higman. He had been out for a walk in Seldovia, his home for 39 years, when he fell and hit his head. By the time he reached the hospital in Homer he was non-responsive — a quick and simple end that no doubt would have appealed to his “I don’t like complicated” philosophy, his family said. He lived a life full of fireworks, creative vision, misadventures, flagrant disregard of mortal limits, fine wood craftsmanship, cheap beeer and love.

He is survived by his ex-wife Dede; children Valisa and Hig; brothers,Jim and Terry; sister, Jill; grandchildren, Katmai and Lituya, and a community of people that blurred the line between family and friends.

Higgy is remembered with intemperate love by those who knew him — for his stunning craftsmanship, deep humor, genuine and unconventional honesty, his explosions, and for the indelible marks of joy, beauty and creativity that he left. Wise from a lifetime of following his heart, he always accepted what life threw at him, embraced changes and made sure his children knew that no matter what, he loved them. His story telling knew no equal, his kindness knew no bounds, and his character was, without question, in a class of its own. He joins his mother Hona who learned to bungee jump at 80; his father Bopa, who built boats and planes, and a pack of beloved dogs.

A memorial party with cannons and fire will be held at Schooner Beach, Seldovia, at 1 p.m. Saturday, June 25, 2016.