Patricia Anne Peyton

Patricia Anne Peyton

Oct. 14, 1953-Nov. 25, 2021

Patricia Anne Peyton died at age 68 years on Nov. 25, 2021. She was born Oct. 14, 1953, in Dallas, Texas.

Her real father in heaven took her in his loving arms to have the most amazing joyful feast for Thanksgiving that we can not even imagine, the feeling of being out of pain which she suffered with. She was greeted behind Jesus Christ by her loving husband and best friend, Dennis Douglas; also his mother and Patti’s mother, Bonnie Bonner. Also her parents-in-law whom she loved so much, Donald and Carolyn Guarnere. They all were there to greet her at the gates to her very own place that she talked about so much and was firmly aware of where she was going.

Patricia Peyton will be leaving behind her son, Nick Guarnere, which they had such an incredible bond together. She loved him unconditionally and always showed so much care for. She had a grandson, Lukas Isaiah Guarnere, whom she cherished so much and was so happy the day she became a grandma and was there to cut off the cord. Patricia’s loved ones also include her niece and nephew, Marcuss and Kelly Peyton; Kim Peyton, her adored sister-in-law; and her Aunt Shelley Bonner Carson, who she always spoke so highly of. Also her bestest girlfriend in the world, Nancy Anderson. And the father of her children that made her the best and most proud mother in the world, Paul Guarnere.

Patricia Anne Peyton died at age 68 years old and would want everyone in her life to know she is home and had the faith of someone that can light up the room with the love of Jesus she had in her heart. She is with him … and her family up there.