Raphael Terry “Ataaka Raphadeelio” Dumont

Raphael “Ataaka-Raphadeelio” Terry Dumont died Aug. 18, 2013. He was born Jan. 27, 2013, to his parents, Coty and Ephimia Dumont. Funeral Services were held on Monday, Aug. 26, 2013, by Reverand Father Michael Trefon at St. Herman Orthodox Church in Port Graham.

“Raphael was very smart: he learned fast and enjoyed it,” his family said. “He was loving: he loved hugs and kisses. He was silly: he loved to laugh and play and throw his toys far. He enjoyed having visitors, although he was Momma’s boy.

“We will miss our little angel. Now he is in heaven watching and praying for us.”

Parents are Coty and Ephimia Dumont, and his older brother is Nehemiah Dumont. Raphael’s godparents were Carl McClarrinon and Polly Thiele (Moonin).

His grandparents are Clayton McGee and Sandra Smythia, Roderick (Sam) II and Kia Wilson, Mack and Anna Sue Ukatish. His uncles are Antone, Timothy and Lavrentie Ukatish, Roderick II and Mischa Wilson Bradley Dumont, Damien Morgan, and Micheal Kvasnikoff. His Aunts are Verina and Seraphima Ukatish, Cheryl and Destiny Dumont, and Katelynn Hadley.

His great-grandparents are Patricia McComack and Jerry and Peggy Smythia, Roderick Wilson I and Ephim Moonin and Vera Meganack.