Candidate statement: Ginger Bryant for House District 6

I’m overwhelmed seeing everything that Alaska has to offer being swallowed up by resource seekers. Resource seekers are those who want our resources so they can monetize them for their personal benefit with our regard to what is left in their wake. As Alaskans it’s embarrassing how often we capitulate to these people.

Our greatest and most valuable resource is our young people. Our inability to prioritizer, educate and empower all of our children, has made us the number one place for resource seekers to come and harvest teenagers for the sex trade. I am tired of watching my state fail our youth. Until everyone in our circle has a full chance to be empowered through education and skills training we will continue to have communities that are withering through social despair.

As an Alaskan legislator making District Six a place of education and healing would be my priority.