Rep. Paul Seaton: Thanks for the honor of serving you for 16 years

Thank you to the voters of District 31 for the honor of representing you in Juneau for the past 16 years. I have always tried to move Alaska forward toward better equality and fairness but solutions to complex problems often require difficult choices. My hope for Alaska going forward is that we will not ignore our long-term problems for too long.

Thank you to all the volunteers for my campaign that worked so tirelessly this year.

I would also like to thank the excellent staff I have had over the years that have been your direct link to constituent services. My staff was always the hardest working staff in Juneau, a credit to their commitment to the people of District 31.

I anticipate getting to see you more often at community events through-out the year.

Paul Seaton

Giving Thanks

In this season of giving thanks, it is fitting to express our gratitude to all who made the 2018 Rotary Health Fair a record-breaking success. 1,100 individuals came through the door, 75 exhibitors offered relevant health information, and 182 volunteers made it happen! 995 individuals took advantage of deeply discounted blood testing, 39 donated blood to the Blood Bank of Alaska, 185 got free flu shots and dozens took advantage of free audiology, fitness, vein, blood pressure and vision screenings.

Special thanks to our co-sponsor South Peninsula Hospital, whose laboratory and registration staff offered convenient access to lab services before and during the fair. Many thanks to SVT Health & Wellness for co-sponsoring and administering free flu shots at the fair, and to the providers from Homer Medical Center, SVT and independent practices for providing free medical consultations at the fair. Additional thanks to Church on The Rock for use of the room dividers, all the community organizations that provided tables for use at the fair, and the Homer High School staff and custodians.

A Big shout out goes to the Health Fair Community Committee: Laura Miller, Nancy Deaver, Bonita Banks, Derotha Ferraro, and Maggie Wyatt of South Peninsula Hospital; Kathy McMurray of SVT Health and Wellness, and Will Files, Charlie Wells, Read Dunn, Beth Trobridge, and Bernie Griffard of Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary. This is one of Homer Rotary’s largest community outreach service events, and exemplifies the Rotary four way test of truth, fairness, goodwill and beneficial to all. On behalf of Homer Kachemak Bay Rotary, we say thank you to all who attended, contributed or supported the annual Rotary Health Fair, “Take a Day to be Well”.

Gary Thomas and Van Hawkins, Co-Chairs

2018 Rotary Health Fair

Quaint no more

Congratulations Homer P.D. on the much needed new station.

We all know about the Pinochic Independence Day vote; was it 12 or 13 percent of the electorate that voted?

OK, you got the same measure passed that was voted down by the people over a dozen times. Very tricky.

Keep the money, but don’t ruin Homer by plopping it on our pretty new little road and beautiful post office and gorgeous library. That will be not only the aesthetic ruin of Homer, but also the free, relaxed, quaint appeal which the tourists love. Good people do not want to look at cops and cop cars all day. We will become Homer — the little Anchorage.

We get to listen to the crazies even at the post office and library. You can’t sound proof til inside the building. So much for the peaceful ocean sound and the bird calls. If this flies it is a crime and the ruination of our beautiful town.

The solution. We know 97 percent of crime and theft originates in Anchor Point — the crystal meth capital of the known universe. Better to put it on the other side of the dump. The best spot is on the corner of Sterling and Old Sterling. Shiny new. A way to block both roads with special gates. A third gate for that other escape road. Here comes another one. Bang goes the gate.

There will be a lot of abandoned vehicles, but the dangerous thief tweak is off the road, unable to drive their danger to Homer. The bored locals could abet our excellent state troopers. And what savings on buying the land.

The ruination of Homer is nigh.

J.M. Reed