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Thanks for Empty Bowls support

Homer Community Food Pantry would like to thank the community for supporting the Empty Bowl fundraiser this year. A special thanks to the bowl makers that were able to donate: Tara Schmidt, Marie Herdegen, Ruby Haigh, Annette Bellamy, Ahna Iredale, Jeff Szarzi, Pat McDonnell, Jenny Chamberlan, Karly, Paul Dungan, David Kaufmann, Dave Brann, Adam, and Maygen Lotscher. Sold were 167 handcrafted bowls.

Homer is truly a giving community, and with your generosity it is assuring that none go hungry in time of need. If you or anyone you know that is in need, Food Pantry distributes food on Mondays noon-3 p.m. at Homer United Methodist Church. For other availability please call 235-1968.

Thank you.

Bette Seaman, Susan McLane and Sherry Stead, along with the entire Homer Community Food Pantry Board


To those who engaged, willfully and intentionally, in any activity that has served to undermine our election process, you disgust me. It is my fervent hope that you are caught, condemned as traitors to our state and nation, and spend many years at hard labor in a federal penitentiary. You do not deserve to breathe the free air given us by the sacrifices of so many.

The astute among us have recognized this treasonous trend for many years; this year, though, the level necessary to counter the will of the people rose to such a degree that it became obvious to everyone. The day after the election clearly shows this. Perhaps the courts will manage to get it all worked out; I doubt it. That any citizen of this, the singular greatest governance ever envisioned and formulated through human endeavor, under the guidance of our Creator, would volunteer to subvert it I find revolting, as it should all who cherish Liberty. We have become nothing more than a banana republic, with George Orwell standing in the shadows, perplexed, saying “I tried to warn you.” He envisioned our future, just a few years off. This may be 2020, but we are headed rapidly toward 1984.

Liberty requires watchmen, because there will always be elitists who desire more. Without the rule of established law, there is no justice, equality, liberty or stability — hence no USA. We used to be a governance of, by and for we, the people. Free, secure and trustworthy elections are the only method we have to manage that governance. If we cannot trust any part of our election process, we cannot trust any of it. That trust has been undermined by nefarious individuals, media, education and citizens, many who lack understanding, rendering all of it dysfunctional. Treasonous.

Duane Christensen

Homer supports Rep. Vance

To the people writing letters angry at Rep. Sarah Vance for not wearing a mask when she voted on Nov. 3, I would reply “6,479 to 5,443.” That is the margin of victory by which Rep. Vance won her election. It would appear that the majority of voters in House District 31 support Rep. Vance. Thank you for sharing your opinion.


Greg Sarber

Nanotechnology is here

The widely touted new generation of vaccinations is spelled out by MODERNA, a federally funded vaccination firm. MODERNA is an acronym for Modified RNA. A designed RNA fragment penetrates and modifies the human genome.

We are at a the dawning of Transhumanism, the fourth industrial revolution.

Tod Tenhoff

Thank you to our linemen

Last weekend we missed seeing our dad — he and the other lineman at Homer Electric Association were out restoring power during a big storm. When our power is out, we light candles and make a big fire in the wood stove and do puzzles by headlamp-light. We think about dad and his crew being out in rain and wind and snow, and we pray that they will stay safe and be home soon.

We wanted to write this letter to thank our linemen, and to ask all of you do the same. Next time the power is out, please take a moment to think of linemen like our dad, missing out on family time and hot meals and dry clothes and sleep to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

Thank you,

Riggs, Raina and Rollin Harness, Little Tutka Bay

Grateful for city small business relief grant

Ptarmigan Arts would like to thank the City of Homer for making funds from the Small Business Economic Relief Grant (SBERG) available to the small businesses in town. We’re a co-op with over 30 members who run all aspects of our gallery, and we’ve been faced with some hard choices this summer. We closed down completely for a while, and slowly opened up with a handful of members working to keep us open four days a week. We’re now open seven days a week for the holidays, but the increase in COVID cases may force us to take another look at that after the first of the year.

The availability of the SBERG funds helped keep us going and pay our bills even while very little, if any, money flowed through our gallery, and gave us a better shot at ensuring we continue our 36-year run. We appreciate that the city used the federal funds in a thoughtful, deliberate way that helps sustain our local economy while the world is in the throes of this pandemic.

Debbie Fanatia, President, Ptarmigan Arts Gallery