Letters to the Editor

Not surprising

I find it disingenuous, but not surprising, that the Alaska Department of Natural Resources would publish a Plan-to-Adopt, (which would leave a reasonable person to assume that “planning” was in the process), but instead sign orders to allow Jet Skis back in the Bay, then ask for public comment. Ready, shoot, aim.

Good grief.

Jim Lavrakas

‘Art From the Heart’ help is appreciated

Over the course of a very challenging autumn, the Homer Council on the Arts was able to deliver a bit of cheer and community connection through Art From the Heart. Over 140 students from around Homer created artworks especially for isolated seniors at Long Term Care, Friendship Terrace and living independently. Additionally, four local performing artists received commissions to create works based on community connection and togetherness for the same audience. These works were delivered in November to very grateful recipients.

Thank you to the student artists, teachers and parents for making and facilitating such beautiful artwork. Thank you to the performers and collaborators for creating uplifting and meaningful work for our community. Thank you to Friendship Terrace and TRAILS staff for coordinating delivery to their residents and clients. And thank you especially to the Jessica M. Stevens Memorial, Ashley J. Logan and the Opportunity Funds at the Homer Foundation for making this all possible.

Art From the Heart is a wonderful example of our caring community and generous donors working together to foster compassion and togetherness.


Scott Bartlett, Executive Director, Homer Council on the Arts

Another letter to the editor from an old-time Homeroid

After reading the paper this past week, I see the Jet Ski issue is up again. Didn’t we settle that already last year? I know I’m old and out of touch with politics most of the time, but who is rocking the boat now, when I thought we had won that battle already.

Don’t ruin the peace and tranquility of beautiful Homer. Go to Big Lake where you’ve already ruined it. How dare you try to destroy the beauty and quiet of Homer, and the wildlife that have their homes here, as well as the salmon, crab, bass and halibut, the eagles, ravens, cranes and most of all, the people that came here to enjoy Kachemak Bay and its beauty.

Go somewhere else with your noise. We were here first and intend for it to stay that way till we die. Do not destroy our heaven on earth with your noisy toys. We don’t want it. Go away.

Yours most truly,

Lorraine Haas

Farmers Market thanks supporters

The Homer Farmers Market welcomes all growers of farm, garden and greenhouse produce to participate in a weekly market. The Homer Farmers Market was established in 2000 to aid in the development of a sustainable local agricultural community for the benefit of the greater community of the Kachemak Bay area.

The market was awarded two vital grants through the Homer Foundation: a COVID-19 Response Grant and a City of Homer Grant. The COVID-19 Response Grant enabled us to purchase PPE, signage and outreach about market safety. The City of Homer grant provided the market with operating funds which were used to support our EBT/SNAP Program, a program that doubles QUEST (formally known as food stamps) benefits for recipients. Our market supports a more equitable and just food system and this is a small way we can help contribute to greater food security. Our SNAP doubling funding was provided by a very loving anonymous couple, who also share these values.

The Alaska Farmers Market Association, and parent organization Cook Inletkeeper provided the Homer Farmers Market with financial assistance (allocated from a USDA FMPP grant) to support our local market. With this funding our market produced a variety of marketing and advertising materials, helping our market grow and increasing economic opportunities for our vendors.

The Homer Farmers Market also sends a very special thank you to the entire Homer community for supporting our local farmers market – pandemic or not. As a vibrant and integral piece of our local community and its economy, the Homer Farmers Market supports farmers, cottage food producers, local crafters, education, and so much more.

Thank you for your supporting Alaska’s farmers markets and growers.

Robbi Mixon, Director, Homer Farmers Market