Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It is with deep gratitude that I write to thank the City of Homer and Kachemak City for their assistance in sustaining our nonprofit organization, Friends of Homer Public Library (FHL), through the past year. The coronavirus pandemic changed the way the library did business, and in turn, the way FHL supported the library programs and services. Without fundraising opportunities, the monies we received from Homer and Kachemak City were critical for the health of our organization.

While we have not been able to gather in the library during Covid19 and share favorite programs, thanks to these relief packages and each city’s efforts to administer the funds, FHL has been able to support virtual youth programs such as author visits, Little Maker Club, coding classes, and a storytelling series for youth and families to celebrate African American History Month. We were able to upgrade and continue our bookmobile services for members of Homer as well as outlying communities. Most importantly, we were able to hire a coordinator after many months in 2020 without one. With a new coordinator, we can support more creative, Covid19 safe programming, provide better outreach, and pursue grant opportunities.

While this past year has challenged all of us, each city’s support has allowed FHL to continue its mission to provide volunteer and financial support for library programs and services that enrich our library experience and promote the use and enjoyment of the library.


Lyn Maslow, president, Friends of Homer Public Library

Lisa is still wrong

Dear Editor,

Many have written recently in support of U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski. I can even sort of understand where they are coming from. To anyone who disliked former President Trump, Lisa’s confrontations with him must align with their world view. While the left has written to show support for our senator, no one has really addressed the primary charge against her, which is her ignorance of the U.S. Constitution and her failure to honor her oath to it.

As mentioned in a previous letter, she violated Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution. That article of the Constitution forbids impeachment of a private citizen. Sen. Murkowski voted to find the impeachment of former President Trump constitutional, even though he was out of office and a private citizen at the time. She chose to ignore the wording of the Constitution to pursue a partisan witch hunt of someone she wanted to punish.

Those supporting her actions are essentially saying that they are OK with a senator acting in an unconstitutional fashion to get retribution on someone they dislike. Some have even called Sen. Murkowski “Lincolnesque” because of her support for impeachment. Lincolnesque! That one is a bit of a stretch.

In 1861 Lincoln led the North in the Civil War. That war punished those individuals who violated their oath to the Constitution when they seceded from the Union. Some were imprisoned, many were killed. To compare Lisa to Lincoln is to compare Grant to Lee. They would have been on opposite sides of this issue.


Greg Sarber

A letter to Seniors of Alaska

The South Peninsula Hospital Board of Directors would like to extend our sincere thank for your help in advocating for the seniors of Alaska in the vaccination against COVID-19. Your role in communicating with Alaska seniors about the importance of vaccinations and the methods to obtain appointments, as well as helping to advocate for the dissemination of factual information regarding the vaccine, has helped protect our most vulnerable population .

We are proud that Alaska led the nation as the state with the highest percentage of its population already vaccinated with at least one dose. This is due to the hard work of many different agencies working together to protect our senior population, and we would like to recognize you for your hard work.

We look forward to the day when our seniors are fully protected against this disease and again have the freedom to visit with their loved ones without fear.

Kelly Cooper, president, South Peninsula Hospital board of directors

Thanks for commendation

Recently Kelly Cooper, president of the the South Peninsula Hospital Board, sent Seniors of Alaska a letter thanking them for their work advocating on behalf of seniors in COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Thank you to South Peninsula Hospital for the great commemoration to the efforts of the Seniors of Alaska Inc. program to encourage Senior vaccination against the COVID-19virus.

We had help statewide as we reached over 60,000 residents with words of encouragement.

It could not have been done without the help of all who read and shared the vaccination message.

Just a few of the legislators who joined us in this effort are Sen. Stevens (Kodiak, Homer), Sen. Kawaski (Fairbanks area), Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson (Anchorage), Sen. Wilson(Wasilla), Sen. Costello(Anchorage), Sen. Micciche (Soldotna), and House members Rep. Geran Tarr (Juneau), Rep. Cathy Tilton(Wasilla), Rep. Thompson (Fairbanks), Rep. Story (Juneau), Rep. Laddie Shaw (Anchorage), and let’s not forget Dr. Anne Zink, Chief Medical Officer, State of Alaska.

This letter of commendation goes to all of you and to the Seniors who participated in this life saving effort.

Peter Zuyus, Seniors of Alaska

Dear Editor,

I would like to send a very belated, but very hearty thank you to the folks who generously selected, gathered, and sent boxes of books over to the schools in Port Graham and Nanwalek last fall.

Many thanks to Lyn from Homer Public Library, Claudia from Friends of Homer Public Library, Sue and Lee from the Homer Bookstore, and Jane from Project Grad. Your kindness and generosity was heartfelt and far-reaching.

The books have been and will continue to be enjoyed and treasured by students and their staffs in the Port Graham and Nanwalek schools for many years to come. You have helped make a difference and positive impact for many children and their adults across the bay.

Sarah Peters

Dear Editor,

Who is running our country? It is certainly not Joe Biden. He’s not sure what day it is.

Ray Dawson