Michael O’Meara’s cartoon for March 25, 2021.

Michael O’Meara’s cartoon for March 25, 2021.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Homer Community,

On behalf of McNeil Canyon Elementary school, staff and students we want to thank you for your support for our current Artist in the Schools program. This year’s artist was Sharlene Cline, an acrylic painter. Student highlights ranged from enjoying an abstract focus, loving the vibrant colors used, to getting a lot out of learning about texture and how to think outside the box.

Sharlene challenged young artists to not only look at a photograph and copy it directly, but look beyond it and all the layers that make it up. Students had many different objects to create texture and build on their canvas. At the end of the AIS program, McNeil’s halls were a vibrant portfolio of Kachemak Bay seen through their eyes. Alaskan kids grow up around rich landscapes, awareness of resources and how to preserve them for future generations, living off the land, how to hunt and fish but also see the world around them.

Artist in the Schools is more than just putting paint on a canvas; it is expanding their world, encouraging them to create, to find their voice and what they have to offer. Funding for this program is essential for future generations to give students tools to be strong citizens in our communities, students who know how to think outside the box and creatively come up with solutions, collaborating with others, uniting people from all walks of life.


Pete Swanson, McNeil Canyon Elementary

Thank you to Homer Council on the Arts

During covid, we weren’t able to do a lot of things, but thanks to a scholarship from the Homer Council on the Arts, there was one thing to look forward to: my weekly art lessons with Sharlene Cline. When I first received the scholarship I was going to use it to go to Sitka Fine Arts Camp, but due to covid that was cancelled early on.

At the start, I was bummed not to go. However I decided to use it for personal art lessons instead and started to ask around the community. Eventually, Sharlene’s name popped up and I remembered her from when she was the Artist in the School at McNeil Canyon Elementary. Soon, I had weekly art lessons set up with her practicing Chinese Painting. We would talk about art, flip through old books, learn about specific objects and I would have a new picture to take home every time.

It was a great experience. I adored the art style and made a new friend. Sharlene is an amazing teacher and an even better artist. I’m sad that the scholarship is over, but I cherish the fun memories. Lots of thanks to Homer Council On the Arts for presenting this wonderful opportunity.

Daisy Walker

Dear Editor,

Homer Council on the Arts would like to thank all who attended our virtual St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Class on March 13. We’d also like to send a special thanks the Grog Shop for sponsoring the event, and Wine and Spirits Specialist Patrick Driscoll for designing the menu and leading the class.

Patrick’s engaging, educational, and story-filled presentation (now archived online) made for an excellent opportunity for adults to gather from the comfort and safety of their own homes and dip into the art of mixology, while supporting arts education and creative opportunities.

Thank you.

Scott Bartlett, Executive Director, Homer Council on the Arts

Re: “Party does not want Lisa Murkowski”

The real crap shoot for the G.O.P. is in the fact that Lisa Murkowski has already proven that write-ins win, defeating Joe Miller in 2010.

Should she lose in the open primary she will most assuredly be a write­-in candidate for the general election.

And should she lose in the general election, it still could prove catastrophic for the G.O.P. in that she could split the Republican ballot, thereby allowing a Democratic shoo-in to win her senate seat. A word of caution for the G.O.P.: “It is better to remain silent and be considered a fool. Than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

John Anderson, Kenai

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