Letters to the Editor

Fraud in 2020 Election

Do not fall for the lie that 50 court cases alleging election fraud in the 2020 presidential election have been decided in Joe Biden’s favor. This is a falsehood peddled by MSNBC and CNN and repeated by their viewers. The facts show that none of these 50 courts have made a finding based on the evidence and most have chosen to dismiss their cases for technical reasons, such as “lack of standing.” However, there have been four other courts that have reviewed the evidence and have determined that there was significant fraudulent voting in their jurisdictions for the 2020 presidential election.

Judges in these four courts have required additional forensic ballot recounts to further investigate and establish the magnitude of the fraud in four states. Locations for these recounts include Antrim County, Michigan; Fulton County, Georgia; Maricopa County, Arizona, and Windham, New Hampshire. While the exact magnitude of fraud has yet to be determined, courts have found that it does exist and it may prove to be substantial enough that Joe Biden would have failed to legally win the last election.

Should that be demonstrated, those proclaiming the 2020 election to be free of fraud might want to look up some recipes for crow. They might have to eat some soon.


Greg Sarber

Dear Editor,

Our COVID-19 numbers are rising nationally in too many states. Alaska has also experienced at least one variant. We are also vulnerable to variants in Homer. Washing hands, mask wearing, social distancing and vaccines are what we can do to protect our community.

Here is a good analogy in a letter to the newspaper, The Ledger, in Amador City, California. This letter to the editor was written by Kathryn Jerauld. She is a retired Public Health Administrator in Amador. Due to copyright reasons, I will only quote the first few paragraphs.

“Freedom to not wear a mask,” she writes, “Welcome to the Freedom Cafe. We trust you to make your own choices if you want to wear a face mask. And, in the same spirit of individual liberty, we allow our staff to make their own choices about the safety procedures to follow as they prepare and serve your food.”

I wish I could quote the rest of this; however, it is easy to Google for the complete letter.

Thank you,

Carole Hamik