Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The serum for COVID-19 that is being distributed is mainly a modified mRNA molecule that is sheathed by a lipid shell that some people overreact to.

My 82-year-old friend was healthy until the mRNA shots. Now he is bedridden. The inflammation has spread throughout his body. This could be from the lipid, or the spike proteins that the mRNA produces. Roy is his name.

He was a Nazarene preacher here in Homer. He lives in Texas now. He still plans to come up and fish with me again in July. I’m afraid that is wishful thinking.

Tod Tenhoff

Dear Editor,

During the spring of 2021, I participated in a professional development opportunity presented by The Foraker Group: the five month-long Executive Leadership Intensive. On behalf of Homer Council on the Arts, I am grateful to the Homer Foundation’s Opportunity Fund for supporting this training.

The invaluable lessons gained through the program are already being applied here at HCOA and will support Homer’s arts and nonprofit sector. Thank you to the Foundation and donors for not only supporting program implementation, but training and development to ensure that local nonprofits are both professional and sustainable.


Scott Bartlett, Executive Director, Homer Council on the Arts

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the Homer Foundation and Health Care Providers Scholarship donors and committee for so generously awarding me the Health Care Providers Scholarship.

I am so grateful to live in such a giving community, and I will be putting this money towards my education as I study nursing at Simpson University. Thank you!

Jessica Sonnen

Dear Editor,

The Homer Chamber of Commerce is currently running a tourism marketing radio ad read by Sebastian Gorka. Gorka is the mouthpiece for America First, which airs on the Salem Radio Network (worth a Google), and he frequently touts divisive and racist rhetoric that inflames the already festering divides in our country. The Homer Chamber represents a wide variety of businesses, not all of which embrace the same controversial views as Gorka, which is why it is an odd choice for a representative of Homer businesses.

Why would the Chamber choose to use someone so divisive to be their spokesperson for enticing tourists to visit Homer? Does the Chamber Board of Directors support this marketing plan? Are Chamber membership dues or City of Homer marketing funds being used for these ads?

I encourage all concerned businesses members to reach out directly to the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

Bridget M. Maryott

Dear Editor,

I am glad this will be the last letter I write to the editor on the subject of President Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill. Greg Sarber cites a New York Times source that says it will be an economic disaster.

I am not, indeed, missing his point. His statements are his own, and I disagree.

I looked up recent New York Times articles about the bill. A pertinent one is “Biden Transportation plan $3 trillion in new spending for the economy.” It is factual and informative. Economic disaster was not mentioned in any of the articles I read.


Carole Hamik

Dear Editor,

I would like to say a huge “thank you!” to the Homer Foundation and the supporters of the Educators Professional Development Fund. I am honored and grateful to be the recipient of this scholarship award of $1,000, which goes toward my continuing professional education.

I am currently enrolled in a Library Media Certification program, through Montana State University, with a goal of working in a local public school library. I love the course work, and have a goal of completing the program this summer.

As a community member since 2002, I have witnessed the incredible philanthropic and charitable activities of the Homer Foundation. The mission of The Homer Foundation makes our community stronger in so many different ways.

I am personally grateful to receive this award, and also thrilled to know that the Homer Foundation supports our local public school educators in this way. Thank You!


Deb Curtis

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Fish & Wildlife Scholarship Fund at the Homer Foundation for awarding me the Fish & Wildlife Scholarship for $2000 and another thank you to the Homer Community Science Scholarship Fund at the Homer Foundation for awarding me with the Homer Community Science Scholarship for $1,000.

I will be using this money to help pay for my tuition and education at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho where I plan to pursue an Associates of Applied Science degree in aquaculture.

Ty Etzwiler, 2021 Homer High School graduate