Letters to the Editor

Grateful to the Homer Emblem Club

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Supreme Emblem Club in Homer, Alaska, for all they do to support active duty and veterans in our community, including their monetary donation to 907VETS INC. and the inspiring Women Warriors Appreciation Weekend they put on in Homer June 18-20 at the Elks Lodge, which included Women serving from Fort Wainwright who were sponsored to travel to Homer for a fishing trip and to share experiences.

As part of this event on June 19, I really enjoyed the ‘Thanksgiving Dinner” sharing time and stories with active duty and other women living in Homer and surrounding areas who served their country from a variety of military branches; and additionally, their willingness to get the word out about veteran events.

I am sure they have done, will continue to do, and are planning much more that I am unaware of … A fantastic group!

Sharon Strutz-Norton, 907Vets Inc. member, VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic [CBOC] Registered Nurse

When bread is more than just food

Bread is the staff of life, but it can be more than just a source of calories. Two thousand twenty saw a spike in the number of our local residents struggling with food insecurity, and our caring community responded by donating funds and food to try and address this need. An exceptional example of this generosity is our local bakery, Two Sisters. Over the past 14 months, Two Sisters Bakery has donated over 11,000 loaves of fresh bread to our food pantry! Their delivery continues every week in preparation of our distribution noon to 3 p.m. every Monday at the Methodist Church. The weekly delivery is not just delicious bread, it is an example of how much the people at Two Sisters Bakery care about our community. It is bread full of hope and compassion.

Thomas McDonough, Homer Community Food Pantry board president and volunteer

Thanks to Grace Ridge Brewing

The Kachemak Bay Conservation Society (KBCS) wants to give an enormous thank you to Grace Ridge Brewing for the June “Tips” donation to our organization. Businesses in our area have been very generous in their support of community non-profits, which makes Homer so special. Sherry and Don Stead’s idea to share their tips with a different 501(c)3 every month has evolved into $104, 500 (not including 2021) in the last five years. Now that is how one small idea can make a big difference.

Sincerely Roberta Highland, President, KBCS

Don’t overthink election laws

Thank you for your informative article in the June 24 Homer News about our Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly’s attempt to “codify” its election protocols. Let me state clearly that I believe in good laws and regulations and effective enforcement of the same. I also try to follow the “KISS” principle of keeping it simple.

A management trainer once advised against overthinking problems. It appears that the new codifications are anything but simple and may make the election officials’ jobs even harder and probably for less pay. Since there is scant evidence of voting problems on the Kenai Peninsula, this would seem to be a classic case of over thinking.

The skeptic in me wonders if the sponsors of this complex writing had help from afar, such as the nationwide effort to codify election processes in many states. We don’t need to suppress the vote in Alaska or on the Kenai Peninsula. We need to get out and vote so everyone has ownership in our government. The enemy is not them, it is us.

Will Files

Lions Club scholarship appreciated

As a recent graduate of Homer High School, I would like to publicly thank Homer Kachemak Bay Lions Club for their financial support of my college education. It is an honor to be recognized through this scholarship, and I am grateful for all of the donors who have invested so generously in Homer’s youth. Thank you!

Jessica Sonnen

Grateful for the three scholarships from Homer Foundation

I am sincerely honored to have been selected for the Sutton James Miller Memorial Scholarship, the Drew Scalzi Memorial Scholarship and the Nursing Studies Scholarship. Thank you to all those who have donated to these scholarships for the future education of Homer graduates. I am humbled and grateful to accept these awards, and I will use them for my future in nursing.

As I start my journey at the University of Alaska Southeast, I am confident that these scholarships will be used to help me reach my goals. Homer, Alaska is truly the best place to grow up.

Brianna Wise

Aye, laddy, the games went well

The Kachemak Bay Scottish Club (KBSC) had another great weekend for the 10th Kachemak Bay Highland Games. An energetic field of athletes broke many field records, and the kids had a chance to get started in the sport at the youngster events. The food was great and thanks to Captain’s Coffee for serving up fine Scottish fare.

A big thanks to the following that provided support that made this year’s Games possible: The Anchorage Scottish Club and the Scottish American Athletic Association, Northern Rockies Division for the Professional Judging. KBSC expresses a big thanks to Michael Warburton at Ocean Shores Resort, Kate Mitchell at Nomar, Homer Electric Association, Alaska Communications, The Grog Shop, IBEW Local 1547, The City of Homer Parks Department and all the folks who turned out to enjoy the games and the music of the Harp Twins, The Whiskey Jacks and Piper Tim Kincaid.

Let’s do it again next year.

Robert Archibald, President and Athletic Director,

Kachemak Bay Scottish Club