Letters to the Editor

Face masks cripple kids psychologically

We are crippling our kids on a psychological level by covering up half their faces while they are at school. Physically, they must breathe in and out in a constricted way, and talk in a muffled way.

Protect your child from this abuse, I say. Find alternative schooling.

Tod Tenhoff

Thanks for the Gary Thomas Memorial Bench

We would like to thank the Homer-Kachemak Bay Rotary Club and the City of Homer Parks and Recreation for the installation of the Gary Thomas Memorial Bench at WKFL park. It will be a lasting tribute to his community service work. We are deeply honored and grateful for this memorial for our beloved Gary.

Laura Patty and the Gary Thomas Family

When will it end?

How much damage has Pres. Biden done in eight months? He has over three more years to destroy our country.

Ray Dawson