Letters to the Editor

Foundation support for Pier One appreciated

In June of 2021, Pier One Theatre was awarded a grant from the Opportunity Grants Reserve and JEMCO Funds at the Homer Foundation in support of our summer youth theatre program. After a year of distance programming (also supported by the Homer Foundation) these funds allowed us to return to in-person instruction for campers ages 5 to 17. We offered two sessions each of Theatre Play for ages 5-7, Theatre Skills for ages 11-17, three sessions of Stories on the Stage for ages 8-10, and one session of a brand new Mud Bay Bards Shakescene Camp in conjunction with the Robinson Shakespeare Company at the University of Notre Dame. We had a total of 48 students in attendance.

We offer sincere and humble thanks to the Homer Foundation for supporting all endeavors to keep children’s theatre alive during a global pandemic, and for helping us to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of this moment. We could not do it without you.

Jennifer Norton, Executive Director, Pier One Theatre

Watch out for scam

Thanks to everyone who did get out to vote, but only 30% of you did. Oh, how I would love to see 75%. That would reflect a majority.

But this is about a scam I got myself into and a warning for others not to fall for it as I did. I received an official email from Norton thanking me for my renewal, at $350, which is a bunch on a limited income and something I had not done. So I called the number listed, and that man seemed to know who I was and how old I was. That should have been the tip off.

We older folks are not as computer savvy and the scammers know that. He claimed my new computer had Norton installed at the factory and he would have to access the computer to delete. I now know that is not true. If I really had the program in my computer, I could have deleted it from here without this person’s aid.

He took over my computer and then directed me to my checking account and asked me to access it online. It appeared to show me he had repaid the $350, but instead he showed an additional $3,500. He then directed me to Best Buy and asked to get gift cards, at which point I told him I don’t buy gift cards and hung up. A bit later I got an email from Wells Fargo advising I had added Zelle to my account and a stranger who was to receive notices of those transfers. I promptly called Wells Fargo and disabled the Zelle.

So the lesson here is, even if the email looks official, do not call the number listed,

Scary times we live in.

Milli Martin

Foundation supports distance runners

I would like to thank the Homer Foundation for their generous grant which allowed myself and five other youth from Homer to attend the Steens Mountain High Altitude Trail Running Camp in Southeastern Oregon. This experience is by far the toughest and greatest thing that I have ever done. This camp taught me a lot about myself.

It taught me to dig deep, to persevere, that attitude is everything, and that anything is possible if you set your mind to accomplish it. I also learned valuable leadership and survival skills. Perhaps the most significant thing I learned is the importance of teamwork.

On day four, we were divided up into teams, were dropped off in the middle of nowhere and told to follow the direction of the sun. There was no trail or map. You were required to finish together as a team. We encouraged each other, carried one another, suffered together, and celebrated together. After lots of dirt, sweat and tears, we finished together with our arms interlocked. I have never been so tired, nor slept so well. I have also never felt so proud.

I left with an immense appreciation for my teammates, coaches and mentors, and a profound respect for nature. I am grateful for the friendships I formed and the life lessons that I learned. I returned to Homer feeling empowered to inspire others to work together to have a positive impact on our community and world.

Thank you again for this life changing opportunity.


Ethan Styvar