Letters to the Editor

Spaghetti Feed volunteer needed

Dear Editor and Community members;

As you may have seen in our previous letter, Share the Spirit 2021 is attempting a return to normal this holiday season, but to do that will need the community’s participation.

This is our second attempt to fill our greatest need, that of a volunteer organizer to manage the annual Spaghetti Feed. It will be a “to go” affair at the Homer Elks Lodge on Tuesday, Dec. 14, but it cannot happen without someone stepping up to organize the event. If you would like to volunteer for this position, please call 907-235-7466 and leave your name and contact number.

We will keep you, the community, updated as more information becomes available and as always, we ask that you please remember to … Share the Spirit.

Kelly Glidden and Shari Daugherty, co-chairs, Basket Program; Jayne Locklar, President, Share the Spirit; Jonathan Adams, vice-President, Share the Spirit, Emmy Olsen-Drye, volunteer by birth

HHS thanks KP Youth Court Director Espenshade

On behalf of the Homer High School staff and members of the HHS Class of 2022, I would like to sincerely and publicly thank Ginny Espenshade for taking her time, her care, and her talent to help educate us and converse with us about how speech, tolerance, digital footprints, privacy, and social norms interact with the Alaska criminal code.

Ginny masterfully presented with grace and kindness, facilitated good conversation on sensitive subject matters, and generously offered to help organize follow up activities with any interested students. She is a community treasure.

Thank you, Ginny!

Paul Story, Homer High School Counselor

Winter coats donation appreciated

The Paul Banks PTA would like to thank the Knights of Columbus council at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church for the generous donation of winter coats for children of our community. This charitable organization sent almost 50 winter coats to Head Start, Paul Banks Elementary, West Homer Elementary, McNeil Canyon Elementary School and Homer Middle School to distribute to young people as winter comes to Homer.

Again, a very big “thank you” to the men of St John’s!


Ahnie Litecky, for the Paul Banks PTA

Thank you wrestling sponsors

Mariner Wrestling would like to thank the following sponsors that donated to an extremely successful Fiesta Night Fundraiser to support Homer Mariner Wrestling: Carmen at Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant, Sean at Fritz Creek General Store, Dan from Great Hall Iron, Brent Guarin at Recovered Goods Shop, K-Bay Carpet Cleaners, Deep Strike Sport Fishing, and all the wrestling parents for their contributions and support of Fiesta Night and Mariner Wrestling.

Justin Zank, Head Football & Wrestling Coach, Homer High School

Try therapeutic treatment for COVID-19?

Some have urged universal vaccination as the way to end the Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, a new study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology showed this plan has failed in countries around the world. The study found the most fully vaccinated nations had the highest number of new covid cases and urged a reexamination of relying on vaccination as the primary strategy in dealing with this disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also admits that even if vaccinated, you can still get COVID-19 and spread it to others.

Since it is possible vaccination alone won’t stop the pandemic, maybe we should also consider adding a therapeutic treatment for the disease, as we do for influenza. We use a dual approach for influenza. We have annual vaccinations, but also have therapeutics. If you catch the flu and are treated with Tamiflu within 48 hours, you recover quickly. Given the right therapeutic treatment, the same could be true for COVID-19.

The big question for our political leaders and health care professionals, is now that we know that vaccines alone are not the best way to fight this pandemic, why are they still pushing a vaccination protocol only? Why have they not pursued therapeutic treatments for this disease? Why are they failing to protect us? Doctors and politicians have some explaining to do.


Greg Sarber