Letters to the Editor

Thanks for Sankofa Dance Theater support

At Fireweed Academy, we nurture and sustain our belief statements, one of which states, “We believe that music, arts, and creative self-expression nurture strong learners and responsible citizens. Partnerships with local artists and organizations expand opportunities for creative expression, movement and community connection.” We just wrapped up an engaging Artist in Schools residency with our guest artists from the Sankofa Dance Theater of Anchorage.

On behalf of the students, staff, and families of Little Fireweed, I would like to thank the following people who supported our residency: Tina Moore loaned the school student drums from West Homer Elementary School, Moore Music loaned a drum for Sankofa drummers after the head on one of their drums split, and Jesse Bolt, the Homer Hgh School Theater Manager, provided help during our dress rehearsal and final performance.

I would also like to thank the following organizations. With the support of the Alaska State Legislature for the Alaska State Council on the Arts (ASCA), Rasmuson Foundation, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, Kenai Peninsula Art Guild, Ulmer’s Drug and Hardware, Alaska USA and private donors, the Bunnell Street Arts Center is able to provide the Artists in School Program to Fireweed and other local schools. This is a vital program that enriches the lives of our students and benefits our community as a whole.

Todd Hindman, Principal, Fireweed Academy

Help appreciated in getting replacement car key

If you’re like me, after you’ve lived in Homer for several years, you begin to think you know where to find everything you need. Also, if you’re like me, the longer you’ve lived here, the more likely you are to find yourself surprised that an old business isn’t the same as it was, even if it still exists. I found myself in such a quandary the other day, trying to get a car key copied.

The first place I tried did, but doesn’t any more. They referred me to another long-term business several miles out of town. They also did, but don’t anymore. But they knew someone who does, right in the same area. I drove to the door, and there it was: “Peninsula Lock and Key,” but the door was locked and nobody there. Fortunately, there was a phone number on the door. So I wrote it down, went back home and made my call. Less than an hour later the owner, Joe, called me back. He’d been out on a call but was back in the shop now and could make my key for me if I wanted to come back out. I did, and I did. About an hour later, I was on my way home with all the keys I could wish for or need.

Was I happy? You bet! Need a special key? Find him on Facebook and give him a call.

Jan O’Meara