Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Homer Foundation, city for grants support

Homer Council on the Arts is grateful for the generosity of both the City of Homer and the Homer Foundation for supporting HCOA through the City of Homer Grants Program. This operational funding shows the City’s commitment to HCOA’s programming and the arts in general, and recognizes the importance of the arts in the greater Homer community. HCOA’s mission is to provide art opportunities for all people in our community. This funding is an essential component to make that possible.

Thank you Homer Foundation and City of Homer for continuing to make the arts a priority in our community.

Scott Bartlett, Executive Director, Homer Council on the Arts

How was Biden elected?

Biden has three more years to destroy our country. He and his handlers have free rein. Our southern border is wide open and our country is in peril. I cannot believe this man was elected to lead our country.

Ray Dawson

Bunnell appreciates Homer grants program

The City of Homer’s Grants Program through the Homer Foundation provides critical support and recognition of Homer’s non-profit sector. Homer’s non-profit sector provides the educational, recreational, cultural, social and civic programs that make our community a great place to live.

Bunnell Street Arts Center is grateful for City of Homer Grants Program support. City recognition allowed Bunnell to leverage over $500 for every $1 of city funding through other grants, contributions, art sales and program revenue. Bunnell’s mission is to spark artistic inquiry, innovation, and equity to strengthen the physical, social, and economic fabric of Alaska. Bunnell remained a steady, safe and vibrant place to visit in-person or connect online throughout 2021. We worked to raise standards for artist compensation and to provide opportunities for artists and audiences all year long.

Pandemic adaptations like Artist Talks, Bunnell Arts by Air KBBI concerts, and virtual exhibit tours used technology to create greater accessibility. Bunnell’s core programs like Artist-in-Schools, residencies, exhibits, performances and workshops helped create an abundance of creative opportunities despite the stresses imposed by the pandemic. We continued efforts like the ArtMap, supporting the Homer Pottery Tour, partnering with the Peony Festival and working on an incredible public art project, Tuyanitun: Tuggeht to be installed in 2022. These arts-based strategies help meet the vision and goals of our city. The City Grants Program helped leverage these efforts and we sincerely thank the City of Homer and the Homer Foundation for the support.


Adele Person, Bunnell Street Arts Center

Make Alaska great again!

As the next elected member to Congress for the great state of Alaska, I am committed to ensuring the voices of Alaska are consistently heard, recognized, and echoed in the halls, chambers, and the floor of the United States House of Representatives. Many Alaskans have mentioned the need to have more congressional offices throughout Alaska so constituents can come in and gather updates, give information, or simply check in to say hello. I personally couldn’t agree more with those sentiments.

Presently there are three congressional offices that Congressman Don Young has in operation: Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks. Anchorage and Fairbanks are on a rotational basis and minimally staffed. With the growing use of technology, transportation means, and increase in communication means, I believe the best way to serve Alaska and give everyone the opportunity to have their voices heard is by rotating the locations of these congressional offices.

The young adult population is vital to the forward-moving and forward thinking of the prosperity of Alaska and it only makes sense to place “At-home Staff” in areas where the colleges have access to convey their message. The Fairbanks office will be staffed, and they will move on a rotational basis to the regional college campuses to communicate with and listen to the student population. The Anchorage office will be relocated to the Kenai Peninsula – Soldotna area specifically with staff members rotating to the office of the Senatorial delegation to communicate with constituents and visiting other regional areas. Juneau’s office will remain in place.

In addition to these changes, I will implement a bi-weekly Q & A via Zoom (virtual townhall) style to address concerns and garner immediate feedback on pending legislation or other concerns. I will be establishing a “Team of Teams” throughout Alaska to assist myself and Alaskans in effectively communicating the concerns and hearing the voices of Alaska for a unified agenda – Making Alaska Great Again! There will be more additions made to the communications and messaging apparatus that will give ALL Alaskans an opportunity to take part in Representing Alaska and Alaska’s needs.

Randy Purham, Candidate, U.S. House of Representatives for Alaska At-Large, Anchorage