Letters to the Editor

Tread carefully

Dear Editor,

Last week Sen. Dan Sullivan advocated giving fighter aircraft from a NATO member country to the government in Ukraine. Many Americans want the United States to do something to intervene. The war in Ukraine is exacting a terrible price from the civilians there. It is human nature to want to take action to help the defenseless to defend themselves from aggressors. However, we should be very cautious in how we act as a country.

We have already provided some small arms to Ukraine and recently sanctioned Russia. These actions could be viewed by Russia as acts of war. This could provoke the Russian leadership into taking retaliatory action against us. This is an unpredictable and incredibly dangerous situation. We need to be very thoughtful on how we proceed to be sure that any action we take does not further escalate the situation. Be skeptical when others are banging the drums of war and trying to get us involved.


Greg Sarber

Ukrainian refugees welcome in U.S.

I would certainly rather see all the Ukrainians that have escaped to Poland here in the U.S. than all who have entered illegally across our southern border.

Ray Dawson

Telemark Day was a success

I would like to thank the Homer Foundation on behalf of the Kachemak Ski Club for a short notice grant to support a special opening of the Homer Rope Tow. World Telemark Day was a success, and several other events are planned at the rope tow during April.

Bill Wiebe