Letters to the Editor

Awesome Alaska teachers

Dear Editor,

I recently had the privilege of working with educators from across the state of Alaska. It was a weekend event, and Alaska teachers spent their entire weekend to learn more about how to meet their students’ needs. This did not surprise me as I have seen this year after year in so many different ways—teachers in Alaska going the extra mile and more to be the best they can be for their students. I also work with school districts in the lower 48. It is a gift to learn from other diverse communities and see what is happening in their school systems. It is also a frequent reminder to me of how proactive Alaskan schools are as they become trauma-sensitive, incorporate social emotional learning, and implement other best practices.

I am grateful to work with dedicated lifelong learners in our school system as their work will inform school districts elsewhere. I had some truly memorable teachers growing up in rural, western New York State. They shaped my future in immeasurable ways. Having said that, I would have loved to go to school in Alaska!

Linda Chamberlain

No room for arguing values against Putin

Please continue messaging Congress and the President to avoid risking a nuclear war with Russia. Sanctions of any nature are too little and too late to dissuade a man (Putin) committed to using force for imposing his will.

We successfully (thanks to President Biden’s firm stand) negotiated the first major hurdle, avoiding instituting a “No-Fly” zone over Ukraine. The inevitable confrontation with Russian warplanes would have almost certainly escalated shortly thereafter to a nuclear exchange. Now the second major hurdle looms – NATO’s feeding massive amounts of defensive weapons plus fighter jets to Ukraine. Among other reasons, Ukraine is also being used by both sides as a battleground. For the U.S. as a wonderful opportunity to test out its military hardware, much to the long-term detriment of the Ukrainians, and potentially to the world through escalation to nuclear. Naturally Putin will take offense to all those western weapons used to kill Russian troops, and will certainly respond in kind, such as initiating a cyber attack against NATO nations. We, of course, would react in a militant manner.

The worst part of all this is that there is no evident world movement encouraging Putin and Zelensky to reach an agreement. It’s now all or nothing for those two parties, and the rest of the western world is also more interested in a feel-good condemnation of Putin than in seeking a resolution to the war.

Dangerous times for all 7.5 billion people on earth. There is no room for arguing values when facing a paranoid man at war armed with weapons capable of destroying civilization.

Larry Slone

What if Russians decide to take back Alaska?

Dear Editor

Everyone in the world by now sees what the Russians are doing to the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians can either submit to Russian rule or have their cities pounded into sand. What country will the Russians take over next? That country will have to make a choice. Submit to Russian rule or have their cities pounded into sand.

When the Russians decide to take back Alaska, what decision will we make? You can always have peace through surrender.

John Suter, Chugiak

Too old to run

In answer to C. Navrot in an op-ed in last week’s paper, I would have to say that I am too old to be interested in running for any public office. That aside, I think that the 2020 election was the most screwed up in our country’s history. Mail in ballots and ballot stuffing all over the country. President Biden is the most incompetent president of my lifetime at a time when we need a strong competent person that will dismiss people of the socialist persuasion.

As for saying “poor Mr. Dawson,” I am hardly poor. I live in Homer, Alaska, the greatest place in the world to live, high on the bluff overlooking Homer and Kachemak bay. For that reason, and my beloved family, I am the wealthiest man in the world.

Ray Dawson

Liberty or comfort?

Is it wise to give Putin space and allow him to occupy Ukraine?

Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Pretty sobering quote. But it’s beyond sobering to think there are some who would ask others to give up their liberty for the comfort of the ones who are asking. That’s troubling.

Whatever you believe about why Russia chose to invade Ukraine, please remember Russia did not have to take the course it did in reestablishing Ukraine as a buffer state between them and NATO countries. There are other ways to do it.

To move your military into a country as liberator is one thing. To move into a country as conqueror is the opposite.

If you choose to support the people of Ukraine who are fighting to preserve the liberty of ruling themselves, please be supportive of the recent decision to halt purchases of Russian oil and oil products.

This will affect all our pocketbooks as oil prices continue to rise. But if it’s the right thing to do, then it’s choosing to be a potential help to another’s liberty as we give up some of our own comfort.

I’d also encourage you to contact our representatives and pressure the Biden administration to stop crippling our national energy potential. However, it may not happen under this administration. We may have to adjust through greater conservation.

May God grant wisdom to those who seek it.

Leonard Miller