Letters to the Editor

Palin stands out — but not in a good way

As per our upcoming interim election for the House of Representatives, we have 48 candidates. Of those 48, one person stands out distinctly: Sarah Palin.

I hope that the voters in Alaska remember that after she prostituted herself out to the Republican Party in her failed bid for vice president, she walked out on Alaska in search of book deals, paid speeches,and reality television, never completing her term as governor. She quit. Who’s to say she won’t do it again when she gets another wild hair?

Just thinking,

Kim Burrows

Lung cancer screening can save lives

Each year, the American Lung Association, interested individuals, and partners raise awareness for lung cancer during the organization’s Turquoise Takeover May 8 -14,2022. Why is this important to Alaska? Cancer was the leading cause of death in Alaska in 2020, and lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths, regardless of a person’s gender.

One reason lung cancer is so deadly is because it’s often found after the disease has spread. Lung cancer screening can help detect the disease early when it’s more curable. About 6% of eligible Alaskans have been screened, which is equal to the national rate, according to recent estimates. However, only 21% of cases in Alaska, compared to 24% nationally, are diagnosed at an early stage where the five-year survival rate is much higher (60%). Lung cancer screening gives us hope and represents an opportunity to save lives.

I am joining the American Lung Association to ask our leaders in Alaska to ensure that our residents have access to lifesaving lung cancer screening. One way is to allow Medicaid fee-for-service programs to cover lung cancer screenings. Medicaid recipients are disproportionately affected by lung cancer. This can encourage earlier detection when it’s cheaper to treat and can be a cost-saving measure for taxpayers.

I’m also encouraging former and current smokers to learn about screening and take the Screening Eligibility Quiz at SavedByTheScan.org. It just might save your life.

Jennifer Chikoyak, Kenai