Letters to the Editor

Save democracy; vote blue

I am 89-years-old and with the exception of three years spent in Germany while in the U.S. Army, I have lived in the United States of America.

Until recently, I have been proud and happy being a citizen of this great experiment in democratic rule of the majority of its citizens.

Now I fear our future is in jeopardy because of a loud and racist, fascist minority. Also, our Supreme Court, while once a respected entity, has become nothing more than a tool of this radical cult of Trump.

An example of this is the expected reversal of Roe v. Wade despite the opinion of the vast majority of U.S. citizens. Bad as this reversal would be, it is opening the door for the removal of many other freedoms we now enjoy and are granted in the United States Constitution.

So what do we do?

The answer is plain. We, the right thinking majority, have the Constitutional right to vote and must take advantage of this. We must vote en mass in local elections, state elections, mid-term elections and presidential elections.

One other thing: Make sure you vote “blue,” or Democrat. If we, the majority, do this, we will get our democracy back! Wouldn’t that be glorious?

D. Stanefield

Thanks for YAC grant

Dear Editor,

This letter is a belated thank you to the Homer Foundation’s YAC grant program for funding Homer High School student travel costs to the statewide Alaska Association of Government (AASG) Spring Conference in Kodiak this year.

The students greatly benefitted from this experience, as they were able to meet with approximately 200 of their peers from around Alaska and discuss the issues that they care about. Homer High School was well represented by Neviya Reed, who served as the Region III representative to the AASG Executive Board; Spencer Co, who was awarded the “Delegate of the Conference” award; and Cecilia Fitzpatrick and Leah Dunn, who successfully presented the Homer High School resolution regarding offering wresting in HHS P.E. classes to the conference.

The Homer Foundation graciously extended the deadline for this grant several times, as the AASG conferences were moved to a virtual platform ever since we originally applied for the grant in the Spring of 2020. Students were very excited to finally again experience an “in-person” conference, and we would have been unable to attend without the support of the YAC grant.

Thank you again,

Michelle Borland, Student Government Advisor

Food Pantry appreciates support

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the City of Homer through the Homer Foundation for their generous grant benefiting our programs and services. It takes a village and this village of ours is a pretty spectacular one!

The Homer Community Food Pantry supports 125 households per week on average with a variety of food and emergency assistance. Believe it or not, the Food Pantry spends over $130,000 annually on food over and above those groceries graciously donated by the local grocers, individuals, the Farmer’s Market and annual food drives. Another $120,000 is distributed in emergency assistance annually.

Through tremendous community support and grants like these, we are able to assist those less fortunate. On behalf of the Food Pantry Board of Directors, volunteers and clients, I extend a heartfelt thank you!

Cinda Martin, Homer Community Food Pantry

Bash on the Bay a success

Homer High Mariner Softball would like to thank everyone that made our three day Second Annual Bash on the Bay Invitational Tournament possible and a rousing success. We especially want to recognize the incredible work put in by many Softball Parents, the assistance from both the High School and the City of Homer, the financial assistance from our many sponsors but especially Peninsula Raingutters for being the main Underwriter and the many fans that came out to cheer us on during those beautiful days. We are appreciative of the teams that travelled and congratulate the Chugiak Mustangs on taking the perpetual trophy home with them. With the experience gained from playing against large schools the Mariners are confidently headed to Soldotna next weekend for the regional Tournament with plans to make it 5 Northern Lights Conference titles in a row.


Alivia Erickson and Bill Bell, coaches

Homer Foundation supports Homer High students

It has been a tough year for students with COVID-19 and masking, but the Homer Foundation is helping students by rewarding them for a job well done. I would like to thank the Homer Foundation and The David & Mary Schroer Fund for helping Homer High School recognize students who are excelling or caught doing good. Teachers and staff send a positive referrals to the office and students can earn prizes. To date, HHS has had over 50 positive referrals for everything from volunteering at the track meet, standing up for someone being picked on, being a good role model, making locker decorations for sports teams and much more.

This program also allowed us to give out prizes to students who were wearing masks when they were mandated. Teachers gave students tickets that qualified them for a prize automatically or allowed them to put their name in a jar to win a prize. Wearing a mask was not always fun, but earning rewards helped make it a little easier for students. We were able to give over one hundred prizes to support our students during a difficult time. Thanks your Homer Foundation.


Douglas Waclawski

Choose gratitude over grief

For the past six months I have been trying to choose gratitude over grief at the lost of my husband, Tim Moore, – gratitude for our family, the memories we made, the years and many adventures we had! But now my heart is full of gratitude for those who made his Celebration of Life, Fishermen’s Send Off and Blessing of the Fleet such special events.

Words cannot possibly begin to express how grateful I am for the love, comfort and encouragement of so many who traveled from near and far to honor Tim on May 21. In addition to the many precious friends who helped with food and organization, I would like to thank the Church on the Rock Homer volunteers and staff for facilitating the use of the Homer High School gym for the Celebration of Life. My sincere appreciation goes out to Tracy Sumption and Print Works for generously designing and printing the programs, to Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp. for the lovely floral arrangements, to North Pacific Fisheries Assoc. for donating all the beverages and helping coordinate the Blessing of the fleet, to Rep. Sarah Vance for presenting the Legislative Citation in Memoriam and to Megan Corazza for coming alongside to coordinate such a wonderful meal!

I also want to extend my gratitude to Mark at South Central Radar for setting up the VHF radio, Lacey Velsko, Pastor Pat McDonnell and Matt Alward for all coming together to make the Blessing of the Fleet and Fishermen’s Send Off possible. Although the weather didn’t cooperate, many were able to participate from the harbor and at the Fishermen’s Memorial on the Spit. May all your kindnesses be returned to you in the measure they were given. You are All Amazing!

Peggy Moore and family