Letters to the Editor

How to have a productive dialogue

Assuming we have not consumed so much of the Kool-aid that we have totally lost the ability or desire to have an actual discussion, on any issue, other than with folks within our particular social and political bubble, we should probably review a few strategies which, previously, led to a productive dialogue and empathy, if not agreement (at least on some small points):

1 – Belligerence is neither admirable nor productive.

2 – Research obtained from sources other than opinion columns and social media sites is actually worth reading.

3 – Repetition and increased decibel level does not validate a point.

4 – The art of critical thinking is as valuable as any tool in our life’s toolbox.

5 – Upon discovery, admitting that we have been duped or are just wrong is one of the most difficult pills a human can swallow (but oh so healthful).

6 – Language, both written and spoken, usually has one of two goals: to inform and instruct or to influence and persuade. (That critical thinking thing above can usually tell the difference.)

7 – Gematria is not valid research. However, I am open to that discussion.

Cal Schmidt

Inflation Reduction Act – check the facts directly

Last week I wrote about the need to research candidates when voting. This was noted in the opinion page as well.

Then I saw a letter, “Lied to again,” from Greg Sarber that concerned me.

The Inflation Reduction Act was still in the works at publication time, and passed the House just this past Friday. I started researching using the bill itself.

Sarber said everyone making $30,000 plus would see tax increases. The bill does not increase taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 and reduces taxes for some. Tax increases are aimed at profits exceeding $1 billion dollars and setting a minimum tax of 15% on those profits (currently most companies pay less than 2%).

Mr. Sarber noted the doubling of IRS staffing. The IRS has been downsized by Republican moves which has made it understaffed, resulting in companies and individuals able to work the system to their advantage. The increases in staffing, somewhere around 20,000 to 30,000 over 10 years, will bring it back to where it was about 10 years ago. There was a figure of 87,000 people increase being floated around by Trump and some critics. Not all those people are IRS auditors, and the figure is taking into account retirements of current employees, so it is not all an increase over current staffing.

Electric car discounts are not for the rich as Sarber suggested. They are for low- to middle-income people to purchase a new or used electric vehicle. There is a cap on the original price of the car as well. An $80,000 car would not qualify under this program.

There is much more in this bill, much of which benefits people and communities via new jobs, reduced pollution, health benefits and reduced costs.

Michael E. Murray

This should unite us

The country may have changed on Aug. 8. The FBI raid on President Trump’s home in Florida could have permanently damaged our democracy. It doesn’t matter what your politics are, you should be outraged at the FBI’s actions. Thoughtful people know that this raid is the kind of thing that governments in third-world countries do. Never in 250 years has a political party weaponized the justice system to attack a former president. Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon had huge legal issues while in office, but were never attacked once their presidency was over. Liberals should ask themselves if this action against President Trump is allowed to stand, what keeps a future Republican president from attacking Barack Obama or Joe Biden in the same way? The political paybacks could go back and forth endlessly, and the tyranny which follows will be too horrible to contemplate. I invite all clear-thinking individuals on the left to speak out against the actions of our current Department of Justice. Now is the time of choosing. Choose wisely.


Greg Sarber

Reality is not a conspiracy theory


Joe Biden signed executive order #14067 in March 2022 to become active April 2022 for the U.S. government to create a digital currency. This will remove paper currency for circulation. (Wikipedia)

This will control your use of your money at the bank. China is starting to convert now. How is this going to work for you? They will control the use of your money.

Statement from World Economic Forum; Klaus Schwab 2016- Davos: “ By the year 2030 you will own NOTHING and you will be happy.”

Bill Tener 2022, “You will not be happy.”

If you want this, vote Democrat.

Bill Tener

Summer@HPL 2022 Celebration thank you

What an amazing summer of Reading (and learning) Beyond the Beaten Path! Thanks to community support, local business donations, Friends memberships, summer reader sponsor donations, and a generous Homer Foundation grant, we were able to offer a wide variety of free programming and activities throughout the summer. Cinda Nofzinger, youth services librarian, embraced this year’s summer reading program theme, Read Beyond the Beaten Path, with: Storytimes at Bishop’s Beach and the Boathouse on the Spit; collaborated Storywalk activities with Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies; programming that included Native Alaskan storytelling and drawing with the Chickaloonies graphic novelists, Dimi Macheras (Ahtna Athabascan) and Casey Silver from 80% Studios; Gullah and Geechee Culture and Drumming with educator Ted Carter; Book Clubs for Kids and Teens; virtual Canadian author visits with Dan Bar-el who wrote, “The Very, Very Far North”; and so much more! These activities encouraged plenty of learning, reading and fun. Summer reading program participants logged hours of reading and piles of books read to earn prizes. At summer’s end, the Summer@HPL Celebration took place outside the library with hot dogs, ice cream, popsicles, games, crafts, and lots of books and other prizes! One young participant at the paracord bracelet making stations said, “This is the best day ever!”

A big thank you to the Homer Foundation and its Opportunity Fund for awarding the Friends of the Homer Library a $4,820 Quick Grant to fund Read Beyond the Beaten Path programming activities.

Thank you to the generous Homer businesses for providing prize donations, volunteers and food for the celebration: AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union, Homer’s Jeans, Ulmer’s Drug and Hardware, Homer Saw and Cycle, The Homer Emblem Club, The Homer Bookstore, Captain’s Toy Chest and Save U More. This encouraged tremendous reading and learning from our young readers and families!

A big shout out to the amazing volunteers who helped run the bookmobile and assisted with various programs throughout the summer! You helped make Summer@HPL an extraordinary journey of Reading (and learning) Beyond the Beaten Path!

Cheryl Illg, Friends of the Homer Public Library Coordinator