Letters to the Editor

Write-in choice for Navarre is validated

Back in October of 2020, during the last mayoral election, I assessed the borough mayor candidates on that ballot and came to the realization that the most competent and qualified candidate was going to have to be a write-in.

I’m gratified today to know that my write-in on that ballot has been uniquely validated.

Congratulations, Mike Navarre. I always knew you were the candidate of choice in that election.

Paul Zimmerman, Kasilof

Flora supports freedom to choose

If I had lived in the “pro life” state that Sarah Vance supports, I would now have a 40-year-old child, not resulting from a loving relationship, but from a violent rape involving a stranger, his knife, his gun and his control. But back in 1982, I still had control of my healthcare decisions. And with my parents at my side, I had access to a legal and safe abortion. And for that I am truly thankful to those that fought for that right.

It is absolutely inconceivable that women are rapidly losing access to safe and legal abortions. It is also inconceivable that my daughters face losing the same rights that I had. We cannot go backwards to the regressive ways that Sarah Vance would impose on our freedom to choose. Louie Flora will protect a woman’s right to complete and accessible health care. Vote for Louie Flora.

Janet Bowen

Constitutional convention remains a bad idea

Are you hoping a state constitutional convention will make abortions in Alaska illegal? The fall of Roe v. Wade has inspired a narrow group of extreme religious right Alaskans to form ConventionYes. Don’t let them send you on a fool’s errand! Convening a constitutional convention has been a bad idea for 50 years and still is – regardless of your political leanings. Why?

It will be expensive and unwieldy. Sen. Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, estimates it will cost up to $17 million. John Coghill, also a Republican, argues it is highly unlikely to bring about the outcome proponents seek. The majority of Alaskans support the right to choose.

Coghill warns, “We don’t have enough allies to pull it off.” It will open a Pandora’s box of political conflict over issues far exceeding conservatives’ agenda.

He’s right. I would like to see Article 1, Section 19 amended to allow the legislature to place limits on who carries what firearms where in our state. As much as I don’t want one, if there is a constitutional convention, I will be there with others fighting to provide for sensible gun controls. National organizations and dark money from all sides of a plethora of issues will join the fray.

This is why Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and Undeclareds are members of Defend Our Constitution, campaigning against Ballot Measure One. Some are for and some are against abortion rights, gun controls, and Alaska Permanent Fund reform. Local governments, chambers of commerce, Native organizations, labor unions and many others are members. Check out the membership list on their website. These folks know there is much more to lose by convening a convention than there is to gain.

So, regardless of where you see yourself on the political spectrum, you will be wise in November to vote “No constitutional convention.”

Kathryn Carssow

Thanks for Trudeau end-of-life support


This week our friend and neighbor, George Trudeau, left this earth for greener pastures. George was buried on his property surrounded by friends and neighbors and sent off with music and stories.

There were two places in Homer that helped immensely in George’s last week.

Bay Realty was going to rent an efficiency apartment to George, when we planned that he needed to move to town. They supported making arrangements for this disabled vet and worked with us to get a next step in place. We had just paid the rent and deposit. George was not able to make the move. After a week, we turned in the keys. They have refunded all of George’s money to his estate. They were kind and generous in this difficult time. I am thankful that April was our contact there and wish them well. Thanks again.

George ended up at South Peninsula Hospital. He was not happy. He was also nearly deaf, making communication difficult. The staff at the hospital, at all levels — the office, Emergency Room and the patientfloor were exceptionally kind and respectful. They did their best to communicate and explain the procedures that needed to be done. They gave me the information that I needed to make the best decision for George. They respected our wishes and did everything they could to make George’s last hours peaceful. The friends of George thank them and appreciate that we have such a valuable resource here in Homer.

Finally, George asked us to take care of things when he passed. I wasn’t sure what this would entail, but agreed. We encourage you all to think about these things. It sure helped to make a smooth transition.

1. Let someone know your wishes. George was buried at his property, with the music and writings he wanted read.

2. Make a living will and be sure close friends and family know your wishes in that regard.

3. Make a will. It is not that hard — take it to the court house.

4. Take the trouble to assign a Power of Attorney, get it notarized.

As George would often say “ Thank god it is a beautiful day.”


LuAnne and Jim Nelson

What does being respectful mean?

Signing your letters as being “respectful” includes not insulting people or people’s intelligence.

Jim Lavrakas

Vote NO on Propostion no. 1

All the talk about having a Constitutional Convention here in Alaska — opening our whole Constitution for changes —i s quite concerning. Having been an Alaskan for 55 years, it seems that our Constitution is OK. If I or anyone else has a problem with any part of it, it is possible to make a change by using the existing amendment process. And this has actually been done successfully 28 times since we became a state in 1959. The amendment process is already in place and works just fine.

One huge danger in opening the whole Constitution is that some parts you like might also get changed in ways you don’t like. For example, ending or cutting back on our right to privacy, which our Constitution guarantees, might result in opening our lives to government intrusion into our homes and private lives. Among other things, it could end the right to personal marijuana use in Alaska.

And, it is possible the result might end up the opposite of what you want. Consider the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend: when the Constitution is open to change, the dividend could be reduced to a small amount forever instead of increased as many hope for.

We don’t need to open the Constitution to make some changes; we can use the amendment process to change what we want. Vote “NO” on Proposition #1 in November.

Lani Raymond

Have it both ways

If you want someone to pray for you, go to church.

If you want effective representation in Juneau, vote for Louie Flora. I think we can do both, and still get to heaven.

John Rate, Anchor Point

Mavis and her crew did it again

Big love to the volunteer artists and their leader/visionary Mavis Mueller who once again built a exquisite example of community art with the burning basket “Breathe.” It is so gratifying to live in a forward thinking, intentional community. This year’s basket, laced with remembrances and acknowledgment, as well as peonies and fireweed, is a labor of love for the artists and celebrates the mindfulness and occasional grace of our small town. Thanks Mavis.

Shelley Gill

Walk For Life coverage appreciated

Thank you for the beautiful picture of the walkers for life and coverage on your front page of last week’s Homer News.

They were all speaking up for the sanctity of life. Thanks again .

Floyd Seekins

Thanks for Pickleball tournament support

The Homer Pickleball Group and the City of Homer Community Recreation hosted the first-ever “Cosmic Hamlet Open Pickleball Tournament” held Sept. 2-4 at the HERC. Of the 59 players registered for this tournament, 40 were from out of town. Over the course of this 3-day tournament, we demonstrated Homer is an AlaskaPickleball destination and that players could have fun on three wooden courts in a 70 year-old building.

We’d like to thank the City of Homer Community Recreation for the use of the HERC and for sponsoring this Tournament. We’d also like to thank Story Real Estate, Andi Malard/Armour Pickleball, Steve Wong/Armour Pickleball, and the Homer Pickleball Group for their donations as well as the many local volunteers who gave their time in making this Tournament a success.

The Tournament Team: Christopher Mullikin, Lin Reid, Janie Leask and Mike Illg, Homer Community Recreation

Liz Cheney in 2024?

Liz Cheney can keep Trump out of the White House should he announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election.

The theory behind Cheney’s ability to pull this off is three pronged in nature. One: Cheney runs as a Republican candidate in the 2024, presidential primary. Two: Should she lose in the presidential primary, she then runs in the presidential election as a write-in candidate. Three: Should she lose in the presidential race there is a strong possibility that she will win enough Republican votes to split the ticket,thereby allowing a Democratic candidate to be a shoo-in for the White House.

John A. Anderson, Kenai

More news the CDC avoids

Dear Editor,

Here are two more COVID-19 news stories the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would like you not to know about. First, this week in Great Britain, the UK Health Security Agency banned all COVID-19 vaccinations for children under 12. This follows its statement last week that they do not recommend the Pfizer vax for pregnant or nursing women. Doctors there appear to be showing concern about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccinations in certain circumstances. Here in this country, the CDC is relentlessly pushing this vaccine on everyone, including pregnant ladies and 6-month-old babies.

The second bit of bad news for the CDC came out this week in a declaration issued by a coalition of more than 400 doctors from 34 countries. This document states that the COVID-19 vaccines are causing an international medical crisis due to diseases caused by the shot and that they are concerned about the large number of previously healthy young people dying after getting a COVID-19 vaccination. The doctors called for an immediate halt to the use of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Despite the CDC’s best efforts to convince us that these shots are “safe and effective,” we might just be seeing the start of a change in the narrative. If there are unaddressed safety issues with these vaccines, it is time for the CDC to come clean and tell us what they are. We have the right to make fully informed decisions before getting this shot or giving it to our children.


Greg Sarber