Letters to the editor

Pets have it better than some children

As I move every further into my 80s, one of many changes in American standards that stands out the most is the realization that househould pets enjoy a higher quality of health care, food and shelter than do millions of children in our inner cities.

John A. Anderson, Kenai

No good deed goes unpunished

Contrary to intimations in last week’s edition, Mayor Ken Castner’s actions in promoting Ordinance 19-09(S), which authorized water service to a new low-income housing development in Kachemak City, was not a nefarious plot to destroy the Republic. Anyone who has observed Ken’s efforts over the years in selflessly promoting community realizes that it was merely Ken being his activist self — walking his talk.

He’s not one to stand idly by while opportunities exist to strengthen the city’s financial status while simultaneously improving the quality of life for others. Unfortunately, this time he got tripped-up over his zealous attempt to manage the initial process. It’s as if he were the cook conditionally hired by the management (the six council members), and instead of serving up the usual fare he selected his own ingredients and recipe, but baked the cake too briefly and it collapsed.

I’m certain he’s now embarrassingly aware that the management was not amused. Henceforth he’s likely to stick with the bland menu and lengthly cooking process demanded by them, at the expense of lost opportunity to enjoy other savory dishes. That way, everyone who’s not familiar with the cook can be reassured and have confidence that — over the long run — the process, not the man, best serves their desire to enjoy traditional cusine.

Larry Slone

Roderick family appreciates support

I would like to take a moment and express my heart felt appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has given: time, donations, flowers, food, cards, love and help during our difficult time. Marc will be greatly miss and loved. Thank you to all the truckers who joined the convoy; it was impressive and touching.

I feel very lucky to be surrounded by so many kind and generous people. Thank you all for your love and support helping us through our time of sorrow.


Shanna Squires-Roderick and family

Keep dogs away from shorebirds

Shorebirds arriving now have traveled a very long way, and when they get to Kachemak Bay, they need to feed and rest in order to continue their journey farther north to their breeding ground.

There is a significant negative impact on these birds from loose dogs. Wherever they are feeding and resting, we ask that you keep your dogs on a leash or, if possible, away from those areas.

The Kachemak Bay Birders are conducting their annual Shorebird Monitoring at this time and continuing for the next six weeks. Survey teams go to an assigned beach every fifth day on a falling 15-foot tide and identify and count all the shorebirds. It is important that we get an accurate count of these birds. The impact of loose dogs is especially bad in three specific areas: Beluga Slough, Green Timbers and Louie’s Lagoon. (The latter two are the lagoon areas on the east side of the Spit with driveways down to parking areas.)

During our monitoring times listed below, we are asking that you take your dogs for a run on other beaches free of shorebirds, or if you bring them into one of these areas, keep them on a leash.

Monitoring times: April 28, 10:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.; May 3, 5-7 p.m.;

May 8, 7:15-9:15 p.m.; May 13, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; May 18, 5-7 p.m.; May 23, 7:30-9:30 p.m..

Lani Raymond, for the Kachemak Bay Birders

Food Pantry grateful for grant support

The Homer Community Food Pantry is deeply grateful to be included as one of the fourteen successful applicants to receive funding in the amount of $2,960 from the City of Homer Grants Program.

We are so pleased that the Homer City Council and the Homer Foundation continues to recognize the necessary and indeed vital efforts that the pantry provides to those in our community for food and emergency assistance. We are also engaged in programs to expand our outreach to help alleviate hunger in our student population and in surrounding communities where there is a growing need.

The Homer Community Food Pantry is able to provide this assistance in part due to our large network of committed volunteers. It is truly an exhilarating experience to observe the 30-40 volunteers on Mondays — children, seniors, currently employed folks (taking time off from their jobs), visitors and many others, all joining in with one goal in mind — to relieve hunger and extend compassion to those in need. As an example, this past week 184 families were offered food assistance by over 40 volunteers which included a ham and other Easter fixings, and each child received an Easter basket assembled in part by other children, an impressive representation of Homer’s community spirit.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous financial support we receive from the City of Homer and our other donors. So once again, thank you so much for all of your support.


Susan McLane, board member, Homer Community Food Pantry

Jeff Szarzi returns to Flex

Between April 1 and April 12, local artist and former Flex teacher Jeff Szarzi taught both students and staff about ceramics. During these two weeks, we learned about how to make tiles, mugs and bowls. Jeff taught us different techniques such as monoprinting, carving, stenciling, sgraffito, slip-trailing, and handbuilding using slabs and templet forms.

All students and staff also made a tile focused on the theme of “A Second Chance.” These will eventually go into a mosaic mural outside of our school.

We are glad that Jeff could come and teach us about ceramics.

Flex would like to thank the Bunnell Street Arts Center’s Artist in The Schools program. We would also like to thank the Homer Foundation for financial support. We really appreciate it.

Matfey Reutov, Homer Flex student

McNeil students write

Editor’s note: The following letters are from McNeil Canyon Elementary Students in grades 2 and 3.

Most people get away with littering. I think people should not litter. First, of all animals can die from it, or get stuck in it. Secondly it is polluting our world. Our oceans are getting messy, and we will not be able to drive boats. Finally, people are treating our community with disgust. People think they can do anything. Honestly, littering is a horrible thing.

Thomas Martin, grade 3

Did you know it is very bad to litter? In my opinion, people are going to die because of it. People should not litter. One reason I say that is because animals are dying because of it. Also sea animals are going to eat that trash. The second reason I have is that it is like people don’t even care about our community. Here is an example. People smoke and then they just throw cigarette butts on the ground. My third reason reason is that many young children can die because they don’t know what it is so they might swallow it. That is why I think people should stop littering.

Leya Johnson, grade 3

Most people waste animals. I think you should not waste animals. First, if you kill something that is not big enough the animal’s life would be wasted. Second, the animal population will go down. If the animal were still alive, the population would be the same. Finally, if you killed something and took the rack for proof that you killed it but didn’t take the meat, that would not be nice to the animal. Those are three reasons not to waste animals.

Myra Kalafut, grade 3

Did you know that people are littering? I think people should not litter. Do you realize animals are dying because they are eating it? Secondly, if fish eat trash then people catch the fish and eat them. Finally the people will cook the fish, eat them and die. Clearly I think you understand that we shouldn’t have litter.

Jack Engebretsen, grade 2

A friend of mine says that very small litter can be a big problem.

In my opinion people should not litter.

I feel very strongly that people should not litter because the animals could choke and die. Another thing if you litter you are basically putting trash wherever you want. If you see trash, throw it away even if it’s not yours. To sum it up, this is why you shouldn’t litter.

Alex Jones, grade 3

Have you heard that pollution is slowly taking action? I feel that us as humans need to take a stand on pollution. First of all, pollution is warming up the planet .6 degrees centigrade a year, which means it might be blazing hot in 2100. Secondly, we live in Alaska which is getting a really strong impact on animals, and normal weather such as snow. Lastly, pollution will maybe dry up all water on the planet, so there might be a decline in human population. Pollution is very bad.

Laif Rothenberger, grade 3

There is trash everywhere and it’s not good. First people have to pick up their trash because animals could eat trash and die. For example, cute sea otters could eat the trash and die. Secondly, people have to pick up their trash. For example, people just throw their trash on the ground. Finally we can get pollution in the air and humans can die. This is why people should not litter.

Araya Andres, grade 3

It’s not okay to steal. I believe everyone should stop stealing. First of all, it’s mean to steal something because the person you steal it from might be sad. Secondly you might get arrested because it is illegal. Lastly, the thing you steal could be special to the person you stole it from. Nobody should steal.

Paxton Horn, grade 2

Littering is not only bad for humans, it is also bad for animals. In my opinion people should stop littering. Littering could hurt animals. If they eat the trash, it could choke and die. They can also get tangled in it. Humans should stop littering because trash will fill the streets and it will start smelling. Littering is also a fire hazard. If something that can cause a fire does not go in the trash, it will burn all the litter and cause a gigantic fire. This is why you should not litter. I hope this will change your mind.

Kimberly Donyes, grade 3

In my opinion I think that people should not smoke in stores, cities or wherever they are. I think that people should not smoke because it will make them sick and sometimes pass away too. Another reason is that people can hurt their lungs by the stuff that is all sticky and sort of like earwax but a black color. It clogs your lungs and you won’t be able to breathe that well. Last but not least, when you are smoking and you have a child, the smoke from the cigarette can pollute their lungs too. Kids aren’t allowed to smoke because they can get sick and throw up. In conclusion, people should not smoke and these are my three reasons why.

Ella Rainwater, grade 3

Here are reasons why people should not steal. In my opinion people should not rob others. First of all, the person will be sad and can’t trust anyone. Secondly, the person will probably call the police and get you arrested. Last but not least, you would get in a very bad habit for robbing people. This is why I think people should stop robbing.

Gryffyn Linder, grade 3

Did you know a lot of people have been kidnapped? I believe that kidnapping is illegal. Do you realize that more people are getting kidnapped? Secondly, sometimes people are kidnapped for three months. For an example there was a girl that was kidnapped for three months. Finally, parents of the kid will be very disappointed. In conclusion, no one should get kidnapped.

Eli Weisser, grade 3

Everyone should be nice to one another. I think that everyone should be nice to one another because some people are not treated nicely. Secondly, everyone should be nice to one another because a lot of people are poor and not treated very well. Finally, everyone should be nice to one another because it is very nice to be nice to each other. That is why you should be kind to one another.

Emma Fisher, grade 3

How would you feel if I said that kidnapping is not okay? I feel like people should not kidnap because it is a scary moment for parents and kids. The parents could get scared if their kids get stolen. Secondly, people should not kidnap because you would go to jail for a while. It is technically stealing. In addition, kidnapping is not good because some people don’t give food or water so the person could die of thirst. Clearly, kidnapping is not OK to do at all.

Faith Overson, grade 3

Have you heard you should not steal? Do you realize America’s community is going down because of stealing? Do you realize people each day steal? Last but not least, people should not steal because a lot of cops will be after you. This is why people should not steal.

Jace Nordstrom, grade 2

I think road kill can be really bad because people and animals get hurt. First of all, road kill can be really bad because they can hurt people and cause a crash with a moose, a bear, or any animal. Secondly, road kill is a bad thing because if you aren’t paying attention to the road you can crash into an animal. Finally, if you crash into an animal, your body or the animal can get really bloody and you can get hurt really bad. This is why road kill is bad.

Ruby Guess, grade 2

Ghosts of legislatures past

“We demand Trump’s tax returns along iwth the full Mueller report” — and the White House says, “Not ever,” and there is nothing that the legislature can do about it. The answer is self-evident. The politicians in D.C. have spent nearly 200 years passing bills into law that contain built-in insurance policies for the protectin of the very people that passed the bills in the first place.

Any bill passed by the U.S. Congress is impregnated with enough vagueness, loopholes, twisiting of the English language and innuendo to make them unenforceable on their faces, which was the intent of the politicians who voted them into law.

Just two of the demands made by the legislature recently asking for Trump’s tax return and the full Mueller report would take years of judicial review by the federal district, appellate and the Supreme Court priot to any possibility of a ruling being made, and by that time there will have been another presidential election.

If not re-elected, Trump will have had ample time to take care of any dirty laundry that may have been lying about, and a distracted America can go on living on the Internet where they have resided for the past two decades.

John A. Anderson, Kenai

Stars are connected

The electric universe is a fresh view of space. Stars, here, are transformers, not fusion furnaces. Celestial bodies are interconnected by current through the medium of space rather than gravitational force. Check it out — a real revelation in astrophysics. Black holes and dark matter are out. Space is of primordial matter called plasma, and it’s conductive. The key is conductivity. Electromagnetic fields are the connectivity of our universe. Magnetohydrodynamics is a name for this new and ancient cosmos.


Tod Tenhoff

Cowboy Cabaret was successful

The Kachemak Bay Equestrian Association had another successful Cowboy Cabaret Fundraising Roundup for Cottonwood Horse Park. The Master of Ceremonies Mark Marette rode in from the Head of the Bay. We so appreciate his talents. A big thank you to Alice’s for supplying the corral and to the generous businesses and community members who donated the goods for the live and silent auctions. Thanks to all the KBEA Board Members who made this shindig a grand event. The Homer Ukulele Society brought the “Old West Songs” alive. The poets and musicians entertained us around the campfire. This “Thank You Pardner “ wouldn’t be complete without a “Hoot and a Yip to all the cowboys and cowgirls who rode in off the range to make the roundup complete. Happy Trails.

Roberta Highland, President, Kachemak Bay Equestrian Association

Legislators should follow mandate of Dunleavy voters

To all Legislators:

Approximately 145,000 Alaskans voted for Gov. Mike Dunleavy because we believed in his message: Balance the budget by cutting spending. Take pro-growth measures to improve our economy. Return our PFD formula and protect it by policy. Fix our “education” system. Restore the stolen PFD to the people. This is the mandate.

We also voted a majority of Republicans to both House and Senate. Unfortunately, House members lied to constituents about their party affiliation and have violated their trust relationship with their constituents through their dishonesty, and ignored this mandate.

It is not true our budget reached the levels it is at through a slow, incremental growth.

This is the fifth year you have been sent to Juneau to deal with our over-bloated budget, which puts us back to 2014. Tracking backward through annual state budgets shows a dramatic uptick in spending, starting in 2006, not on needs but wants. That means it took only eight years to get to this level. The problem is you were tying spending to revenue, which was oil that peaked at $140 per barrel. As long as it was going up, you were covered. But you broke the relationship when oil prices started going down, reaching $25 at its lowest. This means the quickest way to fix our budget short term is to simply roll back our spending to 2006 spending levels.

It is also a lie to suggest implementing taxes will solve our problem. It will only exacerbate our problems, which is indisputable.

Enough already. Get your heads out of your ideologies, stop “special interest” wants, and get to the business of managing the people’s affairs in a common sense, logical, long-range thinking way. You have wasted enough of our future with your shenanigans and boondoggles. $180,000 a year for a Dairy Inspector? Seriously.

Duane Christensen, Anchor Point