Letters to the Editor

Thank you Homer Recreation Group

I spent my summer in Homer with family and enjoyed the Homer recreation program. It kept me active throughout the summer. I also met new friends. Thank you Rudy. It was fun.

Sage Larson

Save the trees — stop the alder mauler

I am truly disgusted again by the way the Homer Public Works Department damaged the trees on the bike path out East End Road as well as Lake Street and many neighborhoods.

Every summer they send that alder mauler down to my once beautiful dead-end cul-de-sac. It’s been 20 years now. This summer it has been in our development three times.

With all the budget cuts going on, you wouldn’t think the city would have the money to waste on destroying trees.

I can understand people being afraid to complain about it. Once you complain, they find out where you live and make your life as bad as they can.

Complaining to the city is useless anyway. Neither the manager nor the Homer City Council helps. you. The mayor is the only one who has tried to help some of us out.

Three of us spoke at the June 24 city council meeting. We objected to an ordinance about clearing vegetation. As soon as we were done speaking the city council passed it anyway. Why bother making a comment when no one cares?

Kim Koppen

4H Alls appreciate support

This past weekend, the Homer 4H Alls entered two turkeys and five pheasants into the Kenai Peninsula State Fair in Ninilchik. Adela Pederson entered two turkeys, one of which won overall grand champion in the small stock barn. Blakely’s Auction purchased the turkey during the auction. Adela Pederson also won the poultry grand champion for her division during showmanship and entered the round robin where she competed against other grand champions of other divisions. Einar Pederson entered 5 pheasants, who earned the purple ribbon. He sold the pheasants to Peak Oilfield Services.

The Homer 4H Alls would like to thank the following businesses for their donations and support while Einar and Adela made their business contacts: Bear Creek Winery, Beachy Construction, The Grog Shop and Fritz Creek General Store. The 4H Alls would also like to thank all the Homer businesses who listen to presentations and made it to the fair.

Sherry Pederson

Veterans appreciate picnic help

The Southern Kenai Peninsula Veterans Appreciation Picnic was held Sunday the 18th of August by the American Legion unit 16 Auxiliary. Approximately 150 veterans and family members including active duty US Coast Guard members and their families attended.

A special thank you goes out to Andre Drake and the 8 Mile Band for the great music, VA representatives from the Kenai VA Clinic, Red Diamond, and the Veterans Honor Flight. The picnic was a big success thanks to the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) who manned the grills for the burgers and dogs, and all the volunteers who prepared the potato salad, baked beans and pulled pork. I had an amazing staff of volunteers who set up and served the food and kept the dessert table full of delicious items generously donated by Auxiliary members. I could not have done it without you.

Thank you to our local businesses who really showed their generous support for our veterans by providing door prizes for this event including: AK Starfish Co, Alyeska Tire & Auto Service, Art Shop Gallery, Bear Creek Winery, Bob Kava-Barber, Boss Hogz, Beluga Lake Lodge, Captain Patties, Carolines, Classic Cooks, Cosmic Kitchen, Finn’s Pizza, Fish Connection, Grace Ridge Brewery, Homer Bookstore, Homer Brewing, Homer Jeans, Homer Shores, Kharacters, Kachemak Gear Shed, McNeil Canyon Meats, Napa Auto Parts, Nomar, Northern Enterprises Boat Yard Inc., Otter Room Bar & Grill, Salty Dog Saloon, Salty Girls, Sportsman Supply & Rental, Safeway, Save-U More, The Grog Shop, Tire Town LLC, Two Sisters, Ulmers Drug and Hardware, Wild Honey Bistro and the VFW in Anchor Point.

We look forward to next year’s picnic and hope to see even more veterans at this fun filled event.


Debbie Brahm, Veterans Picnic Chairman

Conflict of Interest

Referendum question: No more oil affiliated workers in state government.

If a person chooses this field of work, congrats on the good job, the retirement plan and the benefit packages, but they forego work in state government. It is an obvious conflict of interest; in fact, the very definition.

With the U.S. tax code, we buy Jimmy Jerry Jones gas for his yacht and the Dallas Cowboys, yet we take the $1,150 dental stipend away from the poorest people in the country. Congress did a wise thing adding that into the Affordable Care Act. It was saving billions in medical costs without the 24/7 poisoning via the rot.

Now we come to John McCain and Mike Dunleavy. While the taxpayers were spending millions tryng to heal a 90-year-old, a 10-year-old can’t get a cavity fixed.

Bet the thousands Mike Dunleavy just spent at the hospital didn’t come out of his pocket, but he would pay to rip teeth out of your head. Bet his family didn’t get teeth ripped out. With all the fed money, he should have doubled the dental stipend for Alaskans.

Your poorest leaders are the ones whose goose isn’t good enough for the gander. And not a whisper about a windfall profits tax as the price of oil goes over $90 a barrel. With Oil Mike we get hammered at the pump and the dividend.

Conflict of interest …

J.M. Reed