Point of View: ‘Occupy’ Democrats to help choose the party’s presidential nominee

Bernie Sanders changed his affiliation so he could run as a Democrat. Marianne Williamson changed her affiliation so she could run as a Democrat. I changed my affiliation so I could infiltrate the Democratic Party and see first-hand what the Dems were up to. Truthfully, I see change for the better.

The Progressive Caucus inside the Party is infusing it with hopeful new voices that are changing the party (wrestling it away from big money and corporate control). I’m putting my 2 cents in to help make that change. I’m for honesty in politics (the truth will set you free), transparency, justice (there’s no peace without justice), and fair elections. We need to save our democracy.

The Democratic Party now claims to be the “Big Tent” party — inclusive of people with different perspectives. It’s the party willing to tackle global warming to help make life on this planet pleasant again (think clean air and water). It’s the party looking out for the health and well-being of the people.

If this resonates with your aspirations for our country, join the fight. Occupy the Democrats by changing your affiliation to Democrat so you can help choose the next president of the United States by voting in the primaries in 2020. You have to be a registered Democrat to vote. (You can always change it back). What good is being a Non-Partisan, for example, doing for you? (Except people who know you know you’re open minded, which is nice.)

Several current presidential candidates are vowing to fix the system. They have plans on how to take control away from big money and give it back to the people. However, democracy only works when the people— you —get involved, speak and vote.

If you are discouraged with the current destructive policies, you are invited to check out the line-up of presidential candidates and vote for the ones you like. Rank choice voting means you can vote for your top-three favorites.

Lela Ryterski is the chair of the District 31 Democratic Party. A retired teacher, she has lived in Homer on and off since 2001 and full time since 2013.