Point of View: Ranked Choice Voting is not difficult

Let’s take this opportunity to set the record straight about Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).

There are many politicians and self-appointed “experts” making all kinds of erroneous claims and fear monger statements about RCV. Most are politicians who now must gain the support of potential constituents rather than be anointed by their party hierarchy. Frustrated at having to explain why they should win a primary, their dialogue emanates fear and generates a sense of confusion amongst the voting public.

Then we have a whole new group of “experts” with no experience, but who claim for a “fee” they can explain this “very complicated” voting known as RCV.

In truth, it is outrageous that these merchants of fear are getting so much media coverage, with only one net result, creating confusion in voters, frightening groups like seniors, when basically, they are the purveyors of voter suppression.

Let’s cut to the chase.

The Primary. It is very simple. Vote for the person you want to represent your community. ONE person, ONE vote.

What a novel idea. We have been doing that for 250 years, so what is there to fear ? Nothing. The people telling you it is a problem, are the problem.

Yes, no more back-room party picks for who runs. You actually get to choose. The community chooses who they wish to have on the ballot, not elitists.

The primary election narrows the field to four candidates. In the general election you can vote for just one, and yes that vote counts.

Or, you can select a second choice. If you wish you can rank all four in the order that you like them. BUT you do not have to rank them. Your vote still counts.

So, let’s stop telling people how difficult it is, how complicated it is and explain this in the simple form that it is.

Pundits complain that the ballot question for RCV in Alaska only won by 1%. Well, guess what? Most elections are only won by 1%, so what is their point? Creating confusion and self serving voter suppression is not the answer.

Encourage voting, explain the simplicity and move forward.

Peter Zuyus is a senior citizen advocate.