Point of View: Thunberg’s ‘How dare you?’ creates false narrative

From Greta Thunberg: “How dare you,” indeed. How dare her parents, her educators and her government steal her youth, rob her of joy, happiness and hope. They are willing to throw her, and all children, under the bus, simply to advance this ideological nonsense, this religious global warming zealotry, this horrific “green” hoax just to advance global dominance over all individualism and to control all means of production and population.

Here in America, we are willing to destroy our liberty and crush our economy, to advance this agenda. We are stupefying our youth by robbing them of their ability to think critically and independently and indoctrinating them with the “green” lie. We are actually teaching them that CO2 is a poison, and that it is causing the globe to heat up. “We are all going to die in 10 years.” What nonsensical, non-scientific balderdash.

Anyone with a lick of sense and a tiny bit of intellectual inquiry can find the truth. If you are one of those who has drunk this ludicrous notion, here are just a few things to ponder, perhaps research. All life on earth is carbon-based. CO2 is a fundamental necessity for life to exist. You cannot smell it or see it. Our ozone contains approximately .004% of it. Commercial greenhouses pump in high levels of it to increase plant growth. Rising levels of CO2 does not cause temperatures to rise; rising temperatures cause CO2 to increase. The planet is not, at this time, heating up. All satellite data shows we have stabilized since 2000, and in fact cooled a bit. Do not confuse smog with CO2. They are not the same. Of all the industrialized nations, the USA has done more to improve our air quality.

Gore’s hockey stick lie is just that. From around 900 to 1280 A.D. there was what is referred to as a “Medieval Maximum” or warm period, followed by the “mini ice age” that lasted to around 1850, officially. So, around 800 A.D, something happened to cause the planet to heat up. Wasn’t us, or our automobiles. Something happened around 1280 A.D to cause the planet to cool off. Wasn’t us. Something happened in the mid 1600s to start the planet warming again. Wasn’t us. We are now reaching the tail end of that trend. Something is happening, again. Isn’t us.

Do not get me wrong. I firmly believe in stewardship. Yes, we need to be smart about how we treat our environment. We also need to be smart in how we treat each other.

We absolutely need to stop throwing our children under the bus, scaring them into a state of psychosis by brainwashing them with this false narrative. They should be excited by the fact that they are privileged to be born in the USA, where we all have liberty, the freedom to be anything they want to be, to choose their own path — to believe whatever they want to believe, where they have the unalienable right to life, liberty and to pursue their dreams.

For the love of all things Holy, stop stealing that from them.

Duane Christensen is a life-long Alaskan who grew up in Pelican, moved to Juneau, then to Fairbanks, and is now settled in Anchor Point. He has worked in construction, fishing and computer tech, and is now retired and loving it.