Point of View: Why you should vote for me, Storm for Homer City Council

I am running for Homer City Council because I love this community. This is my home, the home of my parents, my grandparents and most importantly my children. Our future as the City of Homer is one that I would like to see be sustainable for our children and theirs to follow therefore I would like to be a part of the team that brings many brilliant yet different ideas to the table to make that a possible for the future generations.

I have deep roots here in Homer that range from my grandparents raising their family here in the early 1900s to my kids growing up and attending the same schools I went to and spending their after school hours in the house I was raised in. That sense of family and beloved heritage here in Homer helps me understand how we have transformed and grown over the years since my youth to what my kids now have or need to continue on and hopefully raise their families here.

First and foremost, I am a mom and with that brings some real knowledge of how to budget, plan, and work to come up with solutions that meets the needs of who is needing them. I also have a 18+ year history of working at Homer Medical Center which has exposed me to a very diverse type of community member and how to make sure they know that I have their best interest at heart.

I have served on two separate wrestling boards which have taught me how to work as a team, debate, come up and talk about a broad range of ideas that not everyone agrees with all without forcing my opinion on anyone, but listening to everyone’s ideas and coming up with a healthy compromise that makes everyone feel comfortable and appreciated.

As the past AK USA Wrestling Women’s Director I was able after a couple years of hard, dedicated work make it so it is a standard across Alaska that all Freestyle Wrestling Tournaments have a girls-only option, which has opened the door to so many more girl wrestlers partaking in an amazing and life changing sport.

I am a very good listener and approachable and will honor everyone’s point of view even if I cannot do what everyone wants. This is not about how I want to change things or convince people of how I may think the City should run, but how I can listen and help come up with solutions and ideas based on the teams combined efforts and thoughts and not just what I think is right.

There is so much to learn about being on the city council, but I am a quick study and have my home, the City of Homer and its citizens best interest at heart.