Voices of the Peninsula: Will you vote?

Will you be able to vote on Tuesday, Oct. 3?

That is the date for the next city and borough election. In this voting tidbit, Kenai Peninsula Votes is asking the reader if you have a plan for how you will vote. If you cannot vote on this date or are not sure, you have a little homework to do. (And if you are a parent of a school child you can model for them what your homework is.)

Your homework involves going to https://www.kpb.us/assembly-clerk/elections/elections and checking out the page. It has all the information you need, (voting in person or absentee) to be able to vote successfully in this election. (Absentee In Person voting begins on Monday, Sept. 18 at certain locations in the borough.) If you cannot go to the website, you can always call the borough clerk’s office and request what you need. Their number is 907-714-2160 or email assemblyclerk@kpb.us.

The election is a little more than six weeks away, so be sure you have a plan on how you will vote. In our last borough and city election, the voter turnout was 18%. Maybe we can encourage each other and explain that voting helps us become a healthier community on many levels.

Next week KPV’s voter tidbit is about where can you get your voter pamphlet for the Oct. 3 election.

Remember your voice matters and your vote counts!

Kenai Peninsula Votes is a local voting advocacy organization.