Jettomatic Cyclone Blender Reviews: Is It Legit? Smart Portable Blender Worth Buying?

Expert opinions, surveys, and market research all point to ‘smoothies and shakes’ being the ultimate way to lose weight in 2023. For those in the know, this doesn’t come as a surprise, as consuming the two means you no longer have to workout daily or follow a special diet.

Moreover, smoothies and shakes work wonders for people of all ages (seniors find smoothies to be good for their cholesterol, blood sugar, and heart health). And this is not forgetting their incredible taste, which makes them a must-have.

But while there’s all this evidence to support their benefits, there’s one major problem you must overcome to enjoy your weight loss journey – the messy, bulky appliance you call a blender! Besides being hard to clean, the best ones don’t come cheap.

Luckily, all this is about to change with the entry of the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender. Its creators call it the smartest blender ever made as it’s lightweight, involves no cleanup, and offers more power than you could have imagined. Its incredible features will see it:

Run a self-cleaning function at the push of a button

Crush even the toughest ice, veggies, fruits, and more into tiny, ‘chunk-free,’ delicious, health-boosting smoothies and shakes in 30-60 seconds.

Produce fresh, tasty, healthy weight-loss drinks on the go (the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender weighs less than a pound and can easily fit into any travel bag)

Support a cordless operation for 12 shakes in a row before requiring a recharge via its handy USB cable.

These features and more are why experts have resorted to calling it a ‘genius creation’; some even claim it’s the ‘smartest blender’ ever made. So, does this blender really measure up to these claims? Read our review to learn what it offers.

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What is the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender?

Our introduction above has provided you with a brief look into what this smart health device is and what it delivers. But what we failed to mention is that the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender is powered by a breakthrough newly patented cyclone technology.

Its innovative technology has made it easier and simpler than ever before to make and enjoy tasty dips, smoothies, sauces, shakes, and more, even on the go. With it, you can now make all the aforementioned whenever and wherever you find yourself.

The Jettomatic inputs freshness into the blending experience by doing away with the inflexibility linked to the clunky, ‘old-school’ blenders. This light and powerful blender lets you blend quick superfood smoothies on the go or at home or create frozen drinks at the beach.

And this is not forgetting its super-lasting battery that can make 12 shakes at a go, making it the perfect companion for a day out on the hiking trail. And if this isn’t enough, you can always recharge it using its attached USB cable to continue making more drinks.

Its battery aside, its coolest feature probably has to do with the fact that you don’t have to worry about wasting precious minutes cleaning it. Believe it or not, the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender can clean itself at the single push of a button and with some soap and water.

What Makes the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender So Special?

The secret to its efficiency in slicing and chopping up even the toughest ice, fruits, and veggies lies in its blades. It uses a creative three-dimensional, six-blade ‘Cyclone’ blending component capable of slicing through any ingredient, no matter its toughness.

Its slicing capabilities will see it create a ferocious whirlwind that will leave its contents hitting the sides of its jar more than 200 times per rotation. Now, that’s what you call serious blending power.

These operations are necessary to produce a ULTRA smooth and creamy drink and ensure that the cell walls of the compounds used in your shake get broken down. In the process, the hard-to-digest fibers now become easier to absorb micronutrients.

When taken daily, such a drink can produce powerful and long-lasting results in all the cells inside your body. As it becomes accustomed to its benefits, it will enable you to experience a clean, natural energy boost, leaving you feeling revitalized, lighter, and full of life.

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Is the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender Good for Weight Loss Efforts?

Well, if the reviews posted by its users are anything to go by, this is one blender that provides a quick and easy way to burn even the stubbornest of fats. Its primary benefits include replenishing the body after a tough day and fueling your workouts.

You should note that this is only possible thanks to Jettomatic’s innovative technology.

Through it, every smoothie or shake you create gets to maximize its extraction technology, enabling you to get the most out of all your ingredients. It makes sure to milk every beneficial component from the veggies, fruits, and high-fiber content that goes into its jar.

Additionally, the blender features a slim, portable design, letting you carry it in a bag, leaving you open to the idea of making a smoothie anywhere, anytime. You can use Jettomatic at home, at the office, or even in the car.

The idea behind this revolutionary blender is that losing weight is already hard enough. So, why complicate this process even further by having to spend an extra five to ten minutes each day cleaning the blender after use?

Well, with the Jettomatic self-cleaning function, this is now a thing of the past.

How Does the Jettomattic Cyclone Blender Work?


If there’s one thing we have learned thus far, it’s that the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender is faster and much easier to use than the clunkier ‘old-school’ blenders. To get you started on how to create delicious smoothies and shakes, please follow these four steps below:

Use the USB port to charge the Jettomatic (a single 60-minute charge can deliver 10-12 blends).

Collect your ingredients in its jar and allow them to blend for 30 seconds (if using ice, let them blend for 45-60 seconds)

Pour the blend into a cup or enjoy it straight from the jar

Add one drop of soap and some water to the Jettomatic when done and leave it to clean itself

After cleaning, you can use it straight away to create another smoothie or wait to do it later. Whatever you choose to do, you’re assured that you can use it up to 12 times in a row without having to recharge.

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What Else Can You Do with the Jettomatic?

When it comes to the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender, you need to appreciate the fact that you can always do more than you have ever imagined. Its top features, as per the manufacturer, are as follows:

Powerful Cyclone Blending System: The Jettomatic features a powerful three-dimensional, six-blade ‘Cyclone’ patented technology that results in over 200 times more nutrient extraction, leaving you with a smooth, fine blend in seconds.

The Jettomatic Does It All: It’s not every day that we say this about a blender, but the Jettomatic does, in fact, exceed our expectations. Besides shakes and smoothies, this revolutionary blender does wonders when it comes to creating sauces, purees, and more. It’s the one appliance you need in your home for all your food processing.

Long-Lasting USB Rechargeable Battery: Imagine a battery that can recharge within an hour and allow you to blend all food items up to 12 times on a single charge. That’s what the Jettomatic promises to do, including getting to blend from any location.

Size Down: Have you been looking to replace your old bulky blender with something more modern, stylish, and portable? Well, the Jettomatic is slimmer, cheaper, and will enable you to free up much-needed space on your kitchen counter.

100% Portable: We simply can’t stress this enough – the Jettomatic is the blender you need if you like to enjoy frozen drinks on your days out at the beach or the freshest smoothies and shakes when working out at the gym.

Weight Loss Sidekick: Studies, market research, and consumer insights have shown that blending foods can help you to get in shape faster than following stringent diets or hitting the gym hard. The Jettomatic nutrient extraction technology is the key to getting in shape faster and with less effort.

Quiet Convenience: The Jettomatic has a noiseless operation, making it ideal for use at the office during business hours or at home when preparing late-night snacks for yourself.

Pricing and Availability

The Jettomatic Cyclone Blender stands out in that it offers a powerful operation for half the cost of what other similar blenders are retailing for today. Similar blenders typically retail for between $100 and $300, while the Jettomatic only sets you back $47 when you click here.


Does it have the same power as a traditional blender?

It will depend on the model you’re comparing the Jettomatic to. But we can confidently say that its steel blades and three-dimensional cyclone blending mean it can blend anything from frozen fruit to ice and other tough veggies.

And the best part is that it does this effortlessly and without costing a fortune.

Is the Jettomatic Cyclone Blender noisy?

No. The Jettomatic has a quiet operation that will let you blend whatever you want from any location without those around you becoming aware of what you’re doing.

Can the Jettomatic accidentally go off while in storage?

No. It has a built-in safety system that places it in lock mode when not in use.

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