32 turn out for Homer Epic

For the better part of this past Saturday, 32 gluttons for punishment embarked on the Homer Epic through the Kenai Peninsula’s Caribou Hills.

Racers get three choices of race length — 50 kilometers, 100K or 150K — and three choices for their mode of travel — bike, ski or good old fashioned running.

In the 50K tour, Tracy Ballard was the first biker across the finish line in 4 hours, 19 minutes, followed by Patrick Goodrich in 4:28, the first male to finish that race. Jennifer Bando was the only one to ski the 50K, and finished in 4:41.

The winner of the 50K run was Jonathan Richner in 4:26, and the first woman across the finish line for the run was Lila Johnson in 6:36.

In the 100K race, a lone runner attempted it. Fallon Connolly was not able to finished, but completed one lap in 8:28. Joshua Duffus won the men’s 100K bike race in 7:53, while Bobette Rowe won for the women in 11:04. Stephanie Schmit won the women’s 100K ski in 8:42 and Wilson Platt won the men’s 100K ski in 13:42.

Chris Robertson and Lee Fisher both began, but did not finish, the longest race of the Homer Epic, the 150K. Robertson finished 100K in 6:58, the fastest 100K time of the event, and Fisher finished 100K in 7:23.

100K bike: 1) Joshua Duffus, 7:53; 2) Bobette Rowe, 11:04; 3) Joseph Miller and Kori Marchowsky, tied at 12:37; 4) Chuck Slagle, scratched.

100K ski: 1) Stephanie Schmit, 8:42; 2) Jenny Neyman, 9:06; 3) Jacqueline Klecka and Wilson Platt, tied at 13:42. Scratched: Zack Strong, Zackery Wright and Andy Sterns.

100K run: Fallon Connolly, scratched after 8:28.

50K bike: 1) Tracy Ballard, 4:19; 2) Jessie Goodrich, 4:27; 3) Patrick Goodrich, David Story and Leisha Nolen all at 4:28; 4) Ryan Moody, 4:31; 5) Martha Story, 4:59; 6) Brett Roth, 5:30; 7) Joe Martin, 7:51.

50K ski: 1) Jennifer Bando, 4:41.

50K run: 1) Jonathan Richner, 4:26; 2) Torrey Short, 5:02; 3) Joshua Brown, 5:58; 4) Lila Johnson, 6:36; 5) David Johnson, Yvonne Leutwyler and Andrea Hambach, tied at 7:25.