Division III all-state football teams announced

The Division III all-state football teams were announced this week.

Carter Tennison, the quarterback of Division III champion Homer, was named the Offensive Player of the Year.

The Defensive Player of the Year was Keldin Nicoll of Houston, the Co-Linemen of the Year were Josiah Bowman of Houston and Uatahouse Tuifua of Barrow, the Coaches of the Year were Charlie Whittington and Jared Barrett of Houston, and the Assistant Coach of the Year was Andrew Downing of Barrow.

Tennison made the first team as both a quarterback and interior lineman. Also on the first team for Homer were Russell Nyvall at halfback and Morgan Techie at receiver.

Kenai Central put a pair of defensive backs on the first team in Bridger Beck and Luke Armstrong.

Nikiski also had a pair of first-teamers in Dwyght Mullins at fullback and Charlie Chamberlain at interior lineman. Seward also got a first-teamer in inside linebacker Landon DeRoos.

Division III all-state football

Offensive Player of the Year: Carter Tennison, Homer.

Defensive Player of the Year: Keldin Nicoll, Houston.

Co-Lineman of the Year: Josiah Bowman, Houston and Uatahouse Tuifua, Barrow.

Coaches of the Year: Charlie Whittington, Jared Barrett, Houston.

Assistant Coach of the Year: Andrew Downing, Barrow.

1st Team Offense

Quarterback: Carter Tennison, Homer; Halfbacks: Russell Nyvall, Homer; Mark Kudryn, Houston; Fullback: Trenton Hawes, Houston, Dwyght Mullins, Nikiski; Tight end: Keldin Nicoll, Houston; Wide receivers: Bryce Murdock, Redington; Morgan Techie, Homer; Tackles: Vinnie Elkins, Barrow; Joseph Ahumada, Houston; Guards: Uatahouse Tuifua, Barrow; Brewster Fields, Barrow; Center: Josiah Bowman, Houston.

1st Team Defense

Interior linemen: Uatahouse Tuifua, Barrow; Carter Tennison, Homer; Josiah Bowman, Houston; Keldin Nicoll, Houston; Charlie Chamberlain, Nikiski; Outside linebackers: Mark Kudryn, Houston; Parker Bethel, Houston; Inside linebackers: Trenton Hawes, Houston; Brandon Hina, Houston; Landon DeRoos, Seward; Defensive backs: Bryce Murdock, Redington; Luke Armstrong, Kenai; Bridger Beck, Kenai; Return Specialist: Brandon Hina, Houston; Kicker: Mark Kudryn, Houston; Punter: Mark Kudryn, Houston; Long Snapper: Wyatt Milnes, Redington; Utility Player: Wyatt Milnes, Redington.

2nd Team

Quarterback: Bridger Beck, Kenai; Halfbacks: Reagan Graves, Kenai; Trevor Lawrence, Redington; Kupono Albino, Seward; Fullback: Kolo Danner, Barrow; Tight end: Ben Kaui, Barrow; Wide receivers: Luke Armstrong, Kenai; Wade James, Kenai; Hayden Howard, Houston; Tackles: Sean Todd, Redington; Center: Richard Bernal, Redington; Interior linemen: Brewster Fields, Barrow; Nathan Overson, Homer; Carnell Gump, Kenai; Zach Martel, Redington; Charlie Chamberlain, Nikiski; Outside linebackers: Brody Mocan, Redington; Chris Martishev, Homer; Inside linebackers: Ben Kaui, Barrow; Wyatt Pinard, Redington; Defensive backs: Jason Akpik, Barrow; James Ahsogeak, Barrow; Noah Whitted, Houston; Hayden Howard, Houston; Kicker: Ricky Mercado, Kenai; Punter: Hayden Kearney, Redington; Ricky Mercado, Kenai; Long snapper: Gabriel Ortilla, Barrow; Roc Riggle, Kenai; Gabriel Ortilla, Barrow; Utility player: Roc Riggle, Kenai.

Honorable Mention

Quarterback: Dwight Unutoa, Barrow; Christian Ingraham, Redington; Carter Seime, Houston; Fullback: Shane Taylor, Kenai; Wide receivers: Luke Hanson, Homer; Noah Whitted, Houston; Center: Zachary Halstead, Kenai; Inside linebackers: Bernie Black, Homer; Ryan Pierce, Kenai; Defensive backs: Owen Whicker, Kenai; Kicker: Ben Kaui, Barrow; Sean Todd, Redington; Utility player: Noah Whitted, Houston.