Homer’s Miller takes first in Nikiski Class Races

Homer’s Brooke Miller came out on top of the freshmen-sophomore girls cross-country race on Monday during the Nikiski Class Races.

Miller pulled ahead at Nikiski High School and finished with a time of 22:55. Miller said she didn’t win any big races in middle school, so Monday’s result was a surprise.

“I was just going to try and run as well as I could, and try not to stop and walk,” she said. “Don’t look behind me, just keep running.”

Miller’s teammates had her ready for the course.

“It was pretty hilly and hard,” she said. “A lot of people were telling me it was the worst course, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.”

Also finishing at the front of the pack was Homer’s Jacob Davis, who came in second in the junior-senior boys race with a time of 18:52. Kodiak’s Brenden Thompson passed Davis when he slowed going uphill about midway through the race. Davis said he is normally fine on uphills, but that Monday was different.

“He found my weak spot,” Davis said. “He got by me and I couldn’t make it up.”

The Mariners have a new coach this year, Annie Ridgely.

“There’s a lot of new faces, for sure,” Davis said. “There will be some adjustments, but we want to keep having success.”

Other Mariner runners finished as follows:

Freshman-sophomore girls race:

3. Shine Carey, 24:46

12. Harmony Davidson, 35:27

13. Anahi Ochoa, 35:30

Freshman-sophomore boys race:

10. Travis Coffey, 22:42

18. Eyoab Knapp, 25:25

Junior-senior girls race:

3. Alex Mosely, 22:52

Junior-senior boys race:

2. Jacob Davis, 18:5

7. Denver Waclawski, 19:21

16. Andy Super, 25:32