Inokuma, Fletcher win Lost Lake Run

Palmer’s Meg Inokuma and Anchorage’s Aaron Fletcher picked up victories at the Lost Lake Run on Saturday outside of Seward. The run uses the Lost Lake Trail and is just over 15 miles with about 2,500 feet of vertical gain and loss. Due to the Swan Lake Fire and the pandemic, it had been three years since the last in-person event.

Inokuma finished at 1 hour, 55 minutes and 26 seconds, while Klaire Rhodes of Anchorage was next at 2:01:51. Fletcher won at 1:37:24, while Seward’s Pyper Dixon was next at 1:47:27.

The peninsula had plenty of representation in both races. Results:

In the women’s race, Homer’s Amanda Cherok was 12th in 2:23:38, Seward’s Tekla Seavey was 16th in 2:25:29, Seward’s Tara Swanson was 18th in 2:25:56, Seward’s Rachel Dow was 24th in 2:29:38, Soldotna’s Gina Gregoire was 36th in 2:33:24, Seward’s Tara Craytor was 40th in 2:35:19, Seward’s Sarah Hermann was 41st in 2:35:30, Kasilof’s Shelby Dykstra was 44th in 2:36:44, Seward’s Milissa Lewis was 47th in 2:40:42, Seward’s Sara Lane was 48th in 2:41:28, Homer’s Danielle Meyers was 49th in 2:41:45, Seward’s Isabel Barnwell was 54th in 2:43:50, Homer’s Elizabeth Roedl was 55th in 2:44:33, Soldotna’s Kristin Davis was 57th in 2:45:00, Seward’s Kat Sorensen was 59th in 2:45:56, Seward’s Janessa Anderson was 64th in 2:48:15, Soldotna’s Lisa Juliussen was 70th in 2:52:14, Seward’s Devin Drake was 77th in 2:54:33, Seward’s Kylee Lambert was 82nd in 2:54:51, Seward’s Heidi Sinclair was 83rd in 2:54:55, Homer’s Jennifer Booz was 86th in 2:55:17, Seward’s Kelly Ann Cavaretta was 87th in 2:55:20, Seward’s Halley Werner was 89th in 2:56:45, Seward’s Marcelle Roemmich was 90th in 2:58:41, Seward’s Natalie Hunter was 92nd in 2:59:41, Seward’s Shelby Sieminski was 98th in 3:03:38, Seward’s Kristen Sieminski was 99th in 3:03:39, Seward’s Julianna DeBoard was 100th in 3:04:19, Seward’s Kayleigh Paulin was 103rd in 3:05:24, Hope’s Patricia Foldager was 105th in 3:06:20, Seward’s Shannon Ryan was 106th in 3:07:19, Soldotna’s Angie Sulley was 111th in 3:09:46, Seward’s Gina Valdes was 130th in 3:17:37, Seward’s Amber Humbert was 136th in 3:19:38, Seward’s Carey Quiring was 137th in 3:19:43, Seward’s Letty Swanson was 141st in 3:20:31, Soldotna’s Sondra Stonecipher was 164th in 3:29:16, Seward’s Christy Jordan was 169th in 3:34:00, Homer’s Lila Johnson was 177th in 3:36:40, Seward’s Delaney Pletsch was 194th in 3:49:06, Seward’s Callie Bacon was 197th in 3:49:49, Soldotna’s Jesse Hughes was 198th in 3:51:01, Seward’s Jill Hemstock was 200th in 3:51:50, Seward’s Marissa Lapinskas was 202nd in 3:52:19, Soldotna’s Madison McDonald was 218th in 4:04:58, Sterling’s Marly Perschbacher was 237th in 4:15:35, Soldotna’s Amy Baxter was 240th in 4:17:09, Kenai’s Emily Heale was 247th in 4:22:02, Soldotna’s Alyssa Frothingham was 255th in 4:28:34, Seward’s Helena Jagielski was 262nd in 4:35:05, Seward’s Andrea Jagielski was 263rd in 4:35:07, Kenai’s Dana McDonald was 272nd in 4:47:45, Seward’s Mary Beth Koster was 273rd in 4:52:02, Kenai’s Meg Mueller was 274th in 4:52:10, Soldotna’s Sara Bundy was 281st in 5:06:13, Soldotna’s Jennifer Showalter was 282nd in 5:06:32, Kenai’s Kim Lofquist was 283rd in 5:06:34, Kenai’s RaChelle Gruenberg was 287th in 5:11:47, Seward’s Lizzy Sutphin was 288th in 5:15:20, Seward’s Pang Webber was 289th in 5:15:20, Soldotna’s Copper Fuller was 294th in 5:24:28, Seward’s Alice Chen was 306th in 5:44:10, Kenai’s Suzanne Alioto was 307th in 5:44:16, Kenai’s KatieMaeTallent was 315th in 5:58:47, Soldotna’s Stephanie Snyder was 324th in 6:02:07, Sterling’s Jan VanKooten was 326th in 6:14:35 and Kenai’s Yvonne Oren was 337th in 7:05:36.

For the men, Erik Johnson was third at 1:48:08, Seward’s Kenny Regan was fifth at 1:50:38, Soldotna’s Adam Reimer was 11th at 1:59:24, Kenai’s Mark Blanning was 20th at 2:11:22, Seward’s Trent Gould was 22nd at 2:11:53, Seward’s Trevor Kreznar was 23rd at 2:11:53, Seward’s Carleton Lane was 26th at 2:14:33, Soldotna’s Benjamin McGarry was 30th at 2:17:25, Seward’s Dan Marshall was 31st at 2:17:56, Seward’s Ryan Fisher was 35th at 2:20:44, Seward’s Rocky Elhard was 37th at 2:22:16, Soldotna’s Will Steffe was 40th at 2:24:16, Homer’s Adam Dixon was 43rd at 2:27:45, Kenai’s Alex Young was 49th at 2:30:00, Seward’s Larry DeBoard was 50th at 2:30:12, Kenai’s Austin Danielson was 51st at 2:30:22, Kenai’s Gabriel Juliussen was 57th at 2:32:16, Homer’s Caleb Rauch was 67th in 2:39:51, Soldotna’s Chad Arthur was 70th in 2:40:37, Soldotna’s Nathan Lafavour was 71st in 2:42:41, Soldotna’s Scott Young was 75th in 2:43:33, Cooper Landing’s Karl Romig was 76th in 2:44:12, Soldotna’s Trevor Davis was 81st in 2:45:36, Kenai’s Aaron Bates was 84th in 2:46:27, Fritz Creek’s Derek Bynagle was 107th in 3:01:32, Sodotna’s James Watkins was 110th in 3:03:39, Hope’s Flip Foldager was 115th in 3:06:21, Sterling’s Carl Kincaid was 119th in 3:10:31, Kenai’s Ben Hanson was 122nd in 3:15:13, Soldotna’s Johnny Hedges was 130th in 3:21:47, Soldotna’s Jeff Neigel was 139th in 3:28:48, Seward’s Scott Bready was 150th in 3:42:03, Seward’s Nick Quinn was 160th in 3:52:31, Sterling’s Jeff Perschbacher was 162nd in 3:53:01, Homer’s Joel Cooper was 164th in 3:56:50, Seward’s Jessie Huett was 171st in 4:16:32, Seward’s Robert Bingman was 174th in 4:29:36, Seward’s Robert Hunt was 190th in 5:44:11, Kenai’s Frank Alioto was 191st in 5:44:12, Homer’s Ian Filbert was 193rd in 5:59:05 and Sterling’s Gerry Van Kooten was 195th in 6:14:45.