Jake Moe finishes first in Spit Run for third time

A cool overcast morning made for perfect running weather on Saturday. Almost 300 people gathered at the high school for the Homer Spit Run, a 10-kilometer race to the end of the Spit. 

Hosted by the Kachemak Bay Running Club, the annual Spit Run is a course certified by USA Track & Field, the national governing body for long distance running. New this year was a 10-K walk beginning ahead of the run. 

“The run is fantastic,” said Bill Steyer, president of the running club. “We tried to put together an event that would bring people out and be active. I think the race went well; it was great to see how many people came out to run and walk.”

This year Jake Moe, 30, took first place, finishing in 33 minutes, 54.5 seconds. It was his third time taking first place. His fastest time was in 2013 when he finished the race in 32:40.

“This is my third year running this race,” said Moe, who is from Anchorage. “It’s a great run, it’s great exercise and it’s a fun time. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect either.”

Homer’s own Franceska Robinson, 38, was the first woman to cross the finish line, completing the race with a time of 42:16.73. 

Brynn Moe, 30, of Anchorage, was the first of the walkers to cross the finish line, reaching the end of the Spit in 51:06.52. 

The two first-place winners were only small sampling of the group that came to participate and show support. Runners from all over the Kenai Peninsula and Alaska competed. Some runners even came from as far away as Houston and Kansas City.

Ralph Broshes, 70, has participated in all 39 Spit Runs. This year proved a challenge for Broshes as he underwent back surgery only two days before this year’s run.  A nerve issue was affecting his leg, making life difficult for the avid runner. Though the surgery put him in a wheelchair, Broshes’ wife Deb Lowney, 60, would not allow him to miss a Spit Run.

Together the two tackled the running portion of the course, with Lowney pushing Broshes for the first leg of the trip. 

“I didn’t realize it was going to be as exhausting as it was,” Lowney said, laughing. She pushed Broshes for six miles. “But it was fun as well. … We had a running streak going that we just couldn’t let go.”

Having been cleared by his doctor to walk a maximum of a mile, Broshes ended the race on his own two feet like he has every year previous.

Along the course of the race, runners and walkers had some help. Alongside several water stations to keep particpants hydrated, crowds gathered along Ocean Drive all the way to the Spit to cheer on and encourage the runners.  

Likewise, the Kachemak Bay Running Club couldn’t have put on the race alone. The run was supported by dozens of local businesses, who gave a variety of door prizes.

“We formed the running club because we wanted to have a focal point to promote organized running in a community setting,” Steyer said.

The Homer Spit Run raised nearly $3,000 for youth running programs. 

“It’s really important for us to thank everyone who pitched in to help make this happen,” Steyer said. “What’s important about the run is the community spirit of it, and it’s great to have the community contribute so much.”

Along with the Spit Run, the Kachemak Bay Running Club hosts several other runs and programs. This summer the Running Club has hosted several two- to three-mile fun runs. This is the fourth year the running club has hosted the Spit Run, which has been around since the 1970s. Other major sponsors of the run included South Peninsula Hospital, Land’s End Resort, Homer Community Rec and the Homer News.


Male 9 and under

1.Zane Barth1:05:57.88

2.Ethan Styvar1:07:21.01

3.Brock Barth1:23:42.08

Male 10-14

1.Taran Flynn0:48:22.13

2.Will Seifert0:53:01.43

3.Hunter Green0:55:34.66

4.Peter Syth0:55:50.48

5.Parker Lowney0:56:13.92

6.Thatcher Lowney0:56:17.10

7.Garrett Lowery0:57:42.57

8.Dylan Hogue0:59:35.62

9.Casey Otis1:00:44.41

10.Cole Norcross1:38:26.77

Male 15-19

1.Pedro Ochoa0:35:44.00

2.Cole Johnson0:39:14.00

3.Jacob Davis0:40:11.00

4.Austin Willard0:42:18.14

5.Jackson Holiman0:45:03.92

6.Elan Carroll0:46:21.44

7.Kane Graham0:49:23.81

8.Andrew Anderson0:51:32.82

9.Mitchell Black1:03:30.79

10.Herbert Wan1:21:03.53

Male 20-24

1.Oliver Manley0:39:01.00

2.John Roedl0:45:57.60

3.Benjamin Weagraff0:51:05.19

4.Jordan Jones0:58:19.54

Male 25-29

1.Chris Sands0:44:24.68

2.Wilfrid Roedl0:45:41.66

3.Alex Haynes0:49:35.78

4.Zack Hicks1:01:49.42

5.Kyle Christensen1:09:58.43

6.Ivan Heimbuch1:16:08.88

Male 30-34

1.Jake Moe0:33:54.50

2.Beau Wood0:40:34.58

3.Derek Bynagel0:46:58.57

4.Gary Drake0:47:33.27

5.James Shaw0:50:11.43

6.Jeff von Rekowski0:55:55.16

7.Andy Wingett1:02:51.34

8.Mike Barth1:23:42.40


Male 35-39

1.Jacob Bera0:38:46.00

2.Frederick Dickerson0:40:54.42

3.Christopher Walker0:41:17.03

4.Sean Campbell0:49:28.48

5.Nate Laabs1:03:04.66

6.Matthew Stevens1:10:28.04

Male 40-44

1.Eric Putnam0:35:08.00

2.Kent Peterson0:42:55.56

3.Mike Illg0:44:28.97

4.Andrei Tsyganenko0:47:56.88

5.Chad Lowery0:59:07.55

Male 45-49

1.Marty Evarts0:44:17.21

2.Jeff Mcdonald0:44:56.55

3.Bill Taylor0:45:36.72

4.Greg Lincoln0:50:43.78

5.Brent Estep1:00:09.93

6.Jim Brodie1:04:57.92

7.John Hill1:05:58.92

8.Robert Green1:13:14.64

9.Daniel Lopez1:15:42.76

Male 50-54

1.Aaron Smith0:40:24.00

2.Andrew Haas0:44:19.88

3.John Mitchell0:45:32.52

4.Markus Hemstreet0:49:13.48

5.Craig Cheek0:52:36.68

6.Joel Cooper0:52:39.91

7.Dean Ravin0:57:10.11

8.Keith Chilson0:59:35.27

9.Pat Ahern1:11:55.71

Male 55-59

1.Lance Williamson0:41:14.06

2.Kurt Strausbaugh0:49:40.91

3.Paul Schrooten0:57:50.42

4.Tony Oliver1:16:35.54

Male 60-64

1.Randy Wiest0:46:24.85

2.Peter Courtnage0:48:23.61

3.Mike Ostrom0:52:31.68

4.Don Pitcher1:12:28.25

5.David Norcross1:38:28.95

Male 65-69

1.Jon Berryman0:59:06.71


Male 70-74

1.Roy Stuckey0:52:39.73

2.Tim Middleton0:58:24.84

Female 9 and under

1.Ireland Styvar1:05:48.72

2.Frida Renner1:07:24.71

3.Reilly Sue Baker1:18:37.92


1.Katelyn Davis0:49:59.10

Female 15-19

1.Sadie Fox0:42:55.37

2.Megan Pitzman0:47:50.44

3.Aziza Shemet Pitcher0:49:07.08

4.Audrey Russell0:49:10.42

5.Morgan Nenendorf0:51:08.46

6.Lauren Evarts0:52:22.03

7.Brenna Evarts1:00:33.38

8.Katelyn Earil1:03:11.38

9.Lia Coyle1:03:24.66

10.Katie Coyle1:03:28.63

11.Kiana Anderson1:06:23.82

12.Lauren Jones1:08:37.73

13.Tatena Kinder1:14:02.87

Female 20-24

1.Rebecca Lunde0:48:11.14

2.Tara Schmidt0:50:00.67

3.Brooke Durnin0:51:12.96

4.Kayla Haus0:53:43.31

5.Rachel Hoyt0:54:02.61

6.Jing He0:55:27.37

7.Sara Griffith0:57:40.74

8.Edrei Jones0:58:30.86

9.Jaclyn Lucas0:59:29.27

10.Paige Lackey1:00:05.92

11.Alecia Stengel1:00:33.98

12.Elissa Tutt1:01:10.42

13.Stephanie Reynolds1:02:12.52

14.Winter Brodie1:04:57.35

15.Lily Rosenberg1:05:01.13

16.Melissa Bobotas1:07:31.94

17.Emily Roy1:23:28.27

Female 25-29

1.Whitney Harness0:45:40.69

2.Melanie Mach0:45:57.92

3.Maddie O’laire0:46:12.07

4.Airlia Pang0:46:13.35

5.Andrea Sands0:47:12.47

6.Chessie Macrae0:48:56.06

7.Amanda Cherok0:49:21.29

8.Joanna Riley0:49:42.42

9.Nichole Dojka0:51:06.26

10.Michelle Cox0:52:26.84

11.Jordan Tutt0:53:04.75

12.Crystal Galleher0:54:11.65

13.Katie Gavenus0:54:39.81

14.Shyla Wesley0:55:24.09

15.Lindsey Wilson0:59:42.70

16.Brianne Steed0:59:42.70

17.danette bjornstad1:02:51.28

18.Christine Kay1:05:49.37

19.Amy Drake1:05:57.72

20.Laura Hupp1:07:52.99

21.Stacia Bergeron1:09:59.14

22.Erin Thomson1:10:17.36

23.Whitney Moretti1:14:13.22

Female 30-34

1.Heather Albright0:43:55.15

2.Rachel Neuendorf0:46:18.26

3.Ashley Van Hemert0:47:25.08

4.Kristin Sykes0:49:14.15

5.Morgan Aldridge0:51:25.11

6.Rachel Allmendinger0:51:56.42

7.Kristen Engebretsen0:54:44.70

8.Roberta Graham1:00:11.23

9.Molly Hart1:00:20.51

10.Joan Ryan1:01:49.30

11.Amanda Millington1:02:25.02

12.Elysha Chapple1:07:15.74

13.Stevana Roy1:13:48.64

14.Anna White1:15:26.14

15.Kim Hall1:15:35.76

16.Hannah Heimbuch1:16:08.61

17.Cassie Ostrander1:18:03.32

18.Vanessa Mendez
                     de Cruse1:19:15.27

Female 35-39

1.Franceska Robinson0:42:16.73

2.Brooke Dudley0:46:07.32

3.Kari Bera0:48:22.72

4.Breezy Berryman0:56:02.78

5.Melinda Miller0:58:59.55

6.Jessica Mcafee1:00:10.18

7.Lindsay Wood1:00:35.27

8.Zinovia Reutov1:03:46.55

9.Kate von Rekowski1:07:15.20

10.Harmony Curtis1:09:07.31

11.Rinna Carson1:10:50.64

12.Deverie Bergevin1:14:14.54

13.Keri-Ann Baker1:18:32.59

14.April Hayes1:29:16.49



Female 40-44

1.Emilie Otis0:53:04.41

2.Aunnie Steward0:55:42.43

3.Keri Syth0:56:35.91

4.Amy Alderfer0:59:06.17

5.Lenka Suthard0:59:45.09

6.Cindi Payne1:01:39.95

7.Michelle Lowery1:03:04.80

8.Dawnette Anderson1:05:57.77

9.Kiirsten Styvar1:07:23.09

10.Heather Renner1:07:24.53

11.Amy Hogue1:10:50.15

Female 45-49

1.Shannon Brodie0:53:33.27

2.Donna Flynn0:58:11.06

3.Schawna Thoma0:58:11.50

4.Becky Ravin1:01:15.45

5.Betsy McKitrick1:05:56.66

Female 50-54

1.Heather Johnson0:48:49.23

2.Meadows Suzanne0:51:55.49

3.Tracy Kalytiak1:01:04.17

4.Tara Schmidt1:01:24.30

5.Kris Holderied1:03:05.25

6.Karen Marquardt1:03:17.37

7.Christine Anderson1:08:14.27

8.Kimberly Walters1:11:49.15

9.Anna Thacker1:13:53.23

10.Lori Giesey1:13:53.39

11.Penny Furnish1:27:13.24

Female 55-59

1.Terri Mach0:54:50.43

2.Pam OBrien1:00:20.65

3.Cristy Millington1:02:09.21

4.Toni Maury1:10:07.64

5.Suzanne Seguela1:14:00.64

6.Claire Waxman1:18:20.52

7.Kelly Hicks1:22:58.46

Female 60-64

1.Maria Sweppy1:10:38.12

2.Ann Marie Bailey1:15:20.09

3.Ruth Lavrakas1:15:38.04

Female 65-69

1.June Stuckey0:58:46.78

Number of records: 263