KSC Kings swim at Snowball invite

The Kachemak Swim Club (KSC) Kings sent 54 swimmers to Kenai to participate in the Snowball Invitational swim meet hosted by the Peninsula Piranha’s swim team on Jan. 13-14.

Notching first place finishes for the Kings were Luke Nelson (3), Carly Nelson (2), Madison Story (3), Lucas Story (2), Elsa Milne, Nathan Overson (3), Hartley Miller, Aly Nyvall (3), Lauren Kuhns (2), Briar Boyd (3), Bethany Engebretsen, Kaylin Anderson and Jai Badajos.

Two KSC mixed relay teams also finished first, the Mixed 8 and Under 100 yard freestyle relay team of Jai Badajos, Aly Nyvall, Kate Moseley, and Cohen Boyd, and the Mixed 12 and Under freestyle relay team of Lucas Story, Bethany Engebretsen, Carly Nelson and Luke Nelson.

The Kings swim next at the 2017 Region XIV Alaska Swimming Senior Championships in which they are hosting at the Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center this Friday through Sunday.

KSC is a non-profit, year-round youth sports organization that practices in the Kate Kuhns Aquatic Center and competes around the peninsula, the state, and the region. Anyone age 5 or older who can swim the width of the pool in freestyle and backstroke is encouraged to tryout. Visit the club website at kachemakswim.org for more information.


Boys 11-12 200 yard butterfly: Luke Nelson

Girls 11-12 200 yard butterfly: Carly Nelson

Women 13 and over 200 yard backstroke: Madison Story

Boys 11-12 200 yard breaststroke: Lucas Story

Girls 9-10 200 yard freestyle: Elsa Milne

Girls 11-12200 yard freestyle: Carly Nelson

Boys 9-10 200 yard freestyle: Nathan Overson

Boys 11-12 200 yard freestyle: Luke Nelson

Girls 11-12 1650 yard freestyle: Hartley Miller

Mixed 8 &Under 100 yard freestyle relay: Jai Badajos, Aly Nyval, Kate Moseley, Cohen Boyd

Mixed 12 &Under 200 yard freestyle: Lucas Story, Bethany Engebretsen, Carly Nelson, Luke Nelson

Girls 8 &Under 25 yard breaststroke: Aly Nyvall

Boys 10 &Under 50 yard backstroke: Nathan Overson

Girls 100 yard breaststroke: Lauren Kuhns

Girls 8 &Under 25 yard freestyle: Aly Nyvall

Girls 10 &Under 50 yard freestyle: Briar Boyd

Girls 11-12 50 yard Freestyle: Bethany Engebretsen

Girls 50 yard freestyle: Madison Story

Girls 9-10 100 yard IM: Briar Boyd

Boys 11-12 100 yard IM: Luke Nelson

Girls 8 &under 25 yard butterfly: Aly Nyvall

Girls 10 &Under 50 yard butterfly: Briar Boyd

Boys 10 &Under 50 yard butterfly: Nathan Overson

Girls 11-12 50 yard butterfly: Kaylin Anderson

Boys 11-12 50 yard butterfly: Lucas Story

Girls 100 yard butterfly: Lauren Kuhns

Boys 8 &Under 25 yard breaststroke: Jai Badajos

Girls 100 yard breaststroke: Madison Story